Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cousin's Solemnization

Hello dearies..
Wow it has been a very long hiatus from me. Well, I've been caught up with work and I've never been more tired after work than before, therefore i never could seem to find the right timing to update my blog. but i hope that would change as I'm adjusting with my new work schedule. to some of you whom haven't know this yet, I've started to work under Ministry of Health in Serdang Hospital and seriously it's very tiring. i don't deal with patients but the doctors is more of 'pening kepala' to me. But, Insyallah, I'll pass through.

And also i wanted to share with my readers some pictures from my cousin solemnization on the 17th September 2011. Since the couple are still studying in Japan and they've just come back for a few days for the solemnization, the wedding's reception will be in March of next year.

Enjoy the pictures!
Yours truly with the bride
The hantaran from the bride's side
The hantaran from the groom's side
With the engagement ring
The groom with his father
Giving the 'wang hantaran'
Wedding ring

Us lots!
Praline choclates I made for doorgifts
Us girls with Khairil Rashid
The lovely bride and groom
With the bride's mother (right) and my mom, the bride's aunt (left)

Last but not least, yours truly.
p/s: I wore the shawl for the whole day because of the ceremony, I'm not wearing it permanently yet.