Thursday, July 21, 2011

Liese Hair Cocktail Lite

hello lovelies..

I think I've mention earlier on the condition of my hair, which is dry and frizzy on most days. therefore, a few weeks ago, I've bought myself the Liese Hair Cocktail Lite Moisturizing Hair Serum to try it on my dry hair. i bought myself the lite version which is green in color is because, i think my hair is dry but not as dry or damaged since I've haven't been straightening my hair nor have i exposed them to direct heat since a very long time. the normal type is peach in color. this product consist of the nourishing water serum on the bottom part and the anti-frizz oil is in the upper part.

After a week of use, i found this product amazingly awesome. it really help moisturize my dry hair and made it easy to manage as it tames my frizzy hair plus my hand doesn't feel greasy nor sticky after i apply it on my hand. added bonus is the smell of peaches and prunes on my hair is nice since it's not too strong.
You can either apply it on dry hair or even on wet hair, but most of the time i prefer to put it on when my hair is completely dry as i found that my hair is not as soft when i apply it on wet hair. just make sure before apply it on your hair, you shake the bottle and mix it well. you'll be having a good hair day all day long!


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