Monday, July 25, 2011

Dah Boleh Kahwin!

Hello there..

Hurm, what's u with my title? Finally i can get married since my last weekend, i spent two whole day for the pre-marriage course in Kajang. haha. bu actually I'm not marrying anytime soon but my cousin is going to be married this coming September, therefore we thought what if all of us, cousins go for the course together. at the thought of that, i find it a good idea since if i was to go with Mr. Hilmi only, we would be sitting separately and i might be lonely. so finally yesterday, after two days listening to the talks about future life as husband and wife and family and fighting our sleepiness during the talk, i now hold the pre-wedding course certificate.
So later on, when its time for me to get married, there is no need for me to find the time to do then, since right that time i might be busy doing other weeding stuff, don't you agree? 


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