Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hello dearies..
I'm in a happy mode as last night I've got a good news. Yes, finally I've got a job,and now permanently for the government, no more contracts. i was shocked at first as i was really hoping for the job in LHDN as i went for the interview last week, but this is even better. now i really truly understand when all my love ones told me to be patient because there's always rezeki, it's only for the matter of time. I've to report duty at Ministry of Health after I've completed my medical check up and get a signature from the oath commissioner but it all depend on the MOH HQ on where to locate me to. Hope it will only be some place nearby! 

Holiday mode are officially over, Farhanah Abdul Rahim, work your ass out! haha.



  1. tahniah ana.bestnya dpt keje dgn gov.gaji n elaun masyuk tu.huhu.i smpai arini xdpt offer keje gomen.huhu...gud luck

  2. thanks lisa..haha,yeah i've waited for so long already,akhirye rezeki tibe,amin.

    insyallah,for you mungkin blh dpt offer gomen atas rezeki kahwin..hehe!