Friday, May 27, 2011

Korean Drama Craze - Marry me Mary!

Hi there..
i don't know from what i'm getting this, but i'm all for watching korean dramas back to back. i've just finished watching the whole 16 episodes of Marry me, Mary or Mary Stayed out all Night! and they are a few more lined up to be watched as of currently, I'm watching the one airing in Astro channel 391 titled 'Baby-faced Beauty'. so about the one I've just seen 'Mary Me, Mary' starring none other by Jang Guen Suk as the main hero, he is so hot! The story is about this cute bubbly girl Wi Mae Ri (Moon Guen Young) whom was forced by her father to marry a wealthy man's son, Jung-In (Kim Jae Wook)whom helped clear out Mae Ri's father debt. The families knew each other from back then when the children were little. Mae Ri protest in the marriage proposal as she believes in marrying someone who she'll fall in love naturally. In an accident, Mae Ri met Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Guen Suk), a cold hearted street musician whom will never marry and does not date a girl more than a month. Mae ri convince Moo Kyul to a fake marriage as to avoid in marrying Jung-In set up by her father and future father in law. But as time flies, Jung-In trying very hard to seduce Mae Ri in becoming his wife, Mae Ri realize that she has fallen for Moo Kyul for real rather than acting. As for Moo Kyul, the once cold person has suddenly changed of personality as he falls madly in love with the warmth of a loving person Mae Ri is. but as there is still the deal between families, Mae is torn in choosing between the two guys, one of them whom she love and the other one as staying loyalty to her family. Of most i love about this drama is the songs, yes the OST were awesome, i don't think i can ever get enough! Check them out here.
How hot is he? And how cute is she?



  1. ana,bukan dah abis ke cerita ni..i dgn adik i gila kot tgh cite ni.drooling over the hero.hahahahahaha.yummy!

  2. lisa,ya, dh abes lama pun but i've only got the chance to watch it a few days ago.. i know rite, both hero hot gila, but seriously Jang Guen Suk is my fav! (^_^)