Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Bit of my Travels...

Hello dears,
Sorry for the long hiatus, but since i touch down, there several things I've to settled therefore i haven't had the time post any updates. but now is the perfect timing i guess. hmm,where should i start? before i left the country, i only thought of the worst for Pakistan, but strangely it wasn't all that bad there.. I'm lost for word to write down everything and seriously i have a lot to share but let my photos and a little caption do the talking..
Sheesha stuff

store selling non branded bags

Itwar bazar - shoes stall

Itwar bazar - flower stalls

Itwar bazar

Itwar bazar

Itwar bazar

Itwar bazar

Itwar bazar

Itwar bazar

3 people on a motorcycle

No shopping mall, just rows of stores.

shawl store


Can you read what it says ' Beware of the owner of the dog'.

Salt rock range

Loose 'lembu' on the highway




badshahi mosque

badshahi museum

wahga border ceremony

border between pakistan and india

islamabad city

my kit kat drink

our lebanese kebab

dinner serena hotel

soon to be the malaysian quaters
soon to be embassy

pokok ganja everywhere

daddy's house

faisal mosque

islamabad golf club

terjumpe 'topshop'

rawal lake/rawal dam
There's alot more i want to share with all my readers of my short holiday, but it would takes a lot of spaces for more photos.
But one important thing i will miss and have been missing is for sure, the old man who is everything to me, my beloved abah.



  1. Still lg kt sana ke?
    best jer g sana..

  2. xla myra, ana dh de kt msia dh.. menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa...hehe