Monday, May 23, 2011

Abah's Birthday!

Hello peeps!
On Saturday, since all my sibling were back home, they surprised me with a Secret Recipe's Tiramisu Cake. i was caught off guard, thanks to my family, i love you guys very much. on normal day, my mom would just Skype my dad from the computer in her room but on that day they were skyping on my brother's laptop on the dinner table, no wonder. it was also a shared birthday cake with my dad who's birthday fall on the 22nd of May, but he could only watch us eat the cake without having to taste the cake, poor daddy!
In the picture above is showing how my beloved daddy trying to blow out the candles. 
And here is a photo of my sister trying to 'suap' the cake into my father's mouth. there are times when i get emotional even on happy moments because seriously, inside all i wish is for daddy to be here with us!


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