Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello everyone!
Yesterday was May 16th, which is Teacher's Day in Malaysia but for me, it was the day i officially turned 24. Yes, happy birthday to me and I'm thankful for everything that I've got in my life and i just wish for the many years to come, it will be even better. Thanks for everyone who had wish me either through phone call, text messages, FB wall post or even private message, thank you so much, i appreciate all your warm wishes especially to my family and my boyfriend. I love you guys damn much!
one more thing that i want to share with you peeps is that i do realize i gain weight when i was in Pakistan and when my siblings pick me up at KLIA, the first thing that came out of my brother's mouth was 'Look at how round you've become, you're fat!'. I mean, how could have i not become round as my dad feeds us all the time. It's either we cook together in the kitchen, a true bonding time with my dad or we go out to restaurant, sometimes ala carte and sometime buffet, our 2 weeks holiday is filled with food. At home we would cook curry, 'masak asam', 'tom yam' and  'red snapper soup' and when we go out it's either eating Western, Mutton Karahi, Chicken Masala, Sheesh Lamb Kebab, Briayani rice and many more plus with their big meal portion where we here in Malaysia could feed 2 people, I've always try hard to finish my meal because my dad pays a lot for it. When we were there, my dad takes us to fancy restaurant not because 'nak berlagak kaya' or what but it's just because hygiene is a big issue there, and normally my dad would get tummy aches if he goes to normal restaurant.
My brother and i at a nice restaurant having dinner from our 6 hours drive from Lahore back to Islamabad.


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