Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A perfect pick-me-up!

Hello sweethearts..
Last night i went to MPH Alamanda to use my RM50 vouchers since yesterday was the last day. I thought why waste it when i can get something or get my mom novels since she loves reading so much. Seriously looking for a good novels for my mom is hard. First of all, she already has a full racks stock up on novels from so many writer and publications, therefore i sometimes am confuse myself on whether she has the book already or not. Second, my mom is not that young anymore, therefore love stories especially 'cintan cintun' between couples does not fancy her anymore. After hours browsing, i came about 'Bukan Salahku' by Liza Nur. Well, yes it's still based on love but more importantly love towards peace, union, between human beings and religion. Perfect for my mom's reading's list.
My mom's novel cost half of the voucher, therefore i was thinking 'should i get something for myself or should i get my mom another novel?'. The fun part about getting my mom novels is that i still get to read it so it kind of '2in1' kind of a deal. Win-win situation i call it. But browsing and with all the books sometimes i can get pretty distracted from my main search and that is where i bumped into this:

Scrumptious Cupcakes! Despite my mom has a few baking book, this is my very first. I'm glad I've picked this because since growing up, my sister and i love baking, almost everything especially cupcakes. Back then, we used to bake cupcakes a lot but since i moved to stay in Putrajaya while my family lives in our current house in Salak Tinggi, we haven't baked anything for a while now. But when i got home, and my sister saw the book, she is super excited and wanted to bake straight away!

p/s: Flipping through the pages with all of the pictures of the cupcakes, makes me drool!

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