Sunday, April 10, 2011

Looking like a Princess-to-Be a.k.a Kate Middleton

As the royal wedding approaches, all eyes are fixated on princess-to-be Kate Middleton, and more specifically on what she’s wearing. Many women have become obsessed with imitating her look, even buying her same exact garments or replicas when the originals inevitably sell out or are priced too high. Ready to take on the style yourself?

Nina Garcia, the Marie Claire fashion director and “Project Runway” judge, describes Middleton’s style as “contemporary, sophisticated, easy, effortless, and often sporty.” Garcia says it’s no surprise we’re captivated by her style, because it’s not only chic, it’s also really wearable. “Her look is accessible to everyone,” says Garcia. “She errs on the side of being safe and approachable which means her look can be achieved at any price point.” It’s been widely reported that Middleton’s favorite store is TK Maxx (or T.J.Maxx in the US), so she definitely appreciates a bargain too! “She often dresses conservatively but it’s very ladylike,” says Garcia. Hemlines are never too short and she’s never showing too much skin. Her hair and makeup is never overdone. She has a look that’s very approachable.” Read on to achieve Middleton’s head-to-toe look.

Kate’s wardrobe staples: Middleton has some great basic go-to items that she wears again and again, so if you stock up on a few of these essentials you’ll be able to pull off her look. Garcia says, “a classic Burberry trench coat is an absolute must,” but if that’s not in your price range, don’t worry. Trench coats are a big trend this season, so there are belted options at a variety of retailers. Other Middleton must-haves: “expertly tailored blazers, cardigans, wrap dresses, a great pair of straight leg jeans, classic pumps, and a pair of sharp, sophisticated knee-high boots in black.”

When it comes to selecting princess-worthy garments, Garcia says to pay extra attention to how they fit and flatter your body. “The reason why Kate’s Burberry trench and Issa dress are so unforgettable is not that they are especially groundbreaking fashion choices but that they suit her figure so perfectly.”

Kate's color palette: Garcia says Middleton favors classic neutral colors like black, white, beige, and navy. “For formal events we’ve seen Kate wearing color really well, typically in solid dresses and usually in primary hues like bright scarlet or royal blue,” says Garcia. “She also looks great in pink.”

Emphasize your assets: “Kate has an athletic build so she can get away with deep V-necklines without looking vulgar,” says Garcia. “She has great muscular arms that look good in sleeveless dress. She also has a longer torso and is great at dressing her upper body in a way that gives her shape either with a wrap dress or a great belt.” Her now-famous Issa engagement announcement dress meets these criteria.

Kate’s radiant face: “Kate's look is fresh and modern yet sophisticated,” says celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal who’s made up everyone from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lopez. “This look is fabulous for any woman to wear, no matter your age or skin tone.” Roncal says Middleton uses cream-based products—first a makeup primer followed by concealer and foundation. “Always use primer before applying makeup to fill in and even out any imperfections and create the perfect surface for makeup application,” says Roncal. “This keeps skin looking supple.” For a rosy flush, she suggests smiling to find the apples of your cheeks and applying a small amount of peach or pink cream blush with fingers or a synthetic brush. Lastly, be sure to fill in your brows to frame the face. “Kate makes sure that her brows are always groomed and her lashes curled with mascara,” says Roncal. “She looks totally polished like every good princess should be!”

All about the eyes: “The focus of this look is to really make those eyes pop,” says Roncal. “It gives her a sweet intensity that helps her to really connect with her peeps.” To keep your eyeliner in place, Roncal suggests prepping your eyelids with a shadow base and lining your top eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. For extra definition, apply liner to the inner rims of both top and bottom eyelids. “Use a waterproof formula to make sure it stays put or an eyeliner system that layers pencil and powder for a really bulletproof stay!” When wearing a dark liner, Roncal offers up another pro tip: Visine eye drops to make eyes brighter. “I'm sure with the exciting life that she leads Kate doesn't get a whole lot of sleep, and she needs to look fresh and awake!”

Kate’s hairstyle: If you have long hair, Middleton’s layered style is easy to achieve. Celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham is responsible for the tresses of many A-list celebs from Gwyneth Paltrow to Fergie and is a huge fan of Middleton’s. “I love her hairstyle because it’s really simple and natural,” says Cunningham. To achieve a similar cut, bring in this photo and ask for long layers and a few that frame your face.

Cunningham says the best way to accentuate the layers and get a look like Kate’s is with some cheap hot rollers. “Women can go overboard with curling irons or don’t know how to use them properly,” she says. “The hold is a lot better with rollers.” Try and find a set of hot rollers that are all one large size to create a more natural look. Blowdry your hair, then mist with hairspray and brush it through before putting in the rollers for extra staying power. Start rolling from the bottom of your hair up to about shoulder height and set while you do your makeup.
Kate’s hair color: “It looks like she’s had some fine highlights done recently,” says Cunningham. When you’re a brunette like Middleton, you don’t want to over-highlight your hair, because it looks fake. Cunningham says to ask for a golden light brown, and again, bring a photo to ensure you get the results you want. Highlights can fade or even turn brassy, so she suggests using a protective shampoo like Redken Color Extend. A regular conditioner should do the trick, but if you have thin hair like Middleton, Cunningham says to apply just to the ends, so your hair won’t be weighed down.

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