Monday, April 11, 2011

Investing in Bank Rakyat

Hello dearies..

How was your day? Fascinating? Well,my day was superb since early in the morning, mommy and i went to Bank Rakyat Nilai Branch to invest in their high earn dividend for the past few years. Yes, the dividend that we can get if we invest in the BR investment in around 15%. Way higher that ASB. and since a lot of people are now investing, they already make it a minimum/maximum RM500/person to invest. If you want to invest more,you can ask another form for it, and they will send to their HQ for approval. Seriously, they were quite a long queue and they only let around 50-60 customer to invest daily, so do wake early like me and get the earliest number. Even though me and mommy came early, we got our number at 1040 and 1041. But it was worth the wait coz I'm now a BR investor *seriously poyo kan?*

p/s: If you want to invest in the investment too, go to your nearest BR branch before its sold out!



  1. thanks for your info! i am kinda interested to invest with BR lah! hihih.

  2. if nak pegi bank dia better pegi early in the morning..coz if tghhari skit,diaorg dj xamek customer lg for the day.. :p