Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Jealous!

Afternoon darlings..
I've an article in OMG that Nicole Richie owns more than 200 pair of sunglasses. Owh, I'm so jealous.
Here the article.

Shady lady!
In a new interview with Teen Vogue, shopaholic Nicole Richie admits to owning more than 200 pairs of sunglasses. "But in my defense," she laughs, "I make sunglasses, so I have to research-shop, and I own every pair I've ever designed."
According to the House of Harlow and Winter Kate designer, she views sunglasses as "fun masks to accessorize your face."
The 29-year-old fashionista -- who angered hubby Joel Madden when she spent $3,000 on pillows in March -- says her go-to outfit is jeans and a tee, "but you change the look with accessories. And by accessories, I mean sunglasses, head scarves, shoes and bed jackets."
Though she always looks put-together, Richie admits it's more about feeling good than keeping up with the trends.
"Comfort takes precedence for me," she explains, pointing to her heels as an example. "These are super-high, but because they have a built-in platform, they don't feel like it. I am not that girl who can do super-arched heels. All the shoes I design have a cushion and a platform."

Owh, i so envy her this current moment, i want to be just like here. hihi!


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