Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hop on Bunnies!

Hello sweethearts..

Yesterday, as i was waiting for my boyfriend to finish work, i went to watch a movie to kill time. At first i wanted to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa but the timing wasn't right so i settled with Hop. If any of you wondering, i did watch it alone. So when i bought the ticket, i went confidently sat in the supposed seat of mine. After all the trailers have been played, the movie was about to start...out came the words...'Tayangan Unggul mempersembahkan....' and I'm like,omg!, I'm in the wrong cinema hall *malu gile*,i picked up my bags and left the hall, outside is saw the number for my hall was next to it. So i went in there and the movie had already started maybe about 5 minutes. Seriously,i would be more embarrass if the seat that i was seating before belong to someone else. Phew!
So Hop is definitely a fun family movie, the movie is started on Easter Island, E.B. played by Russell Brand, a teenage rabbit, is intended to succeed his father played by Hugh Laurie as the Easter Bunny. However, E.B., intimidated by the calling's demands, runs away to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer. While the young rabbit struggles to find a home, unsuccessfully asking Hugh Hefner to take him in at his Playboy mansion, his father sends his royal guard, The Pink Berets, to find his son. Meanwhile baby-chicken Carlos and his music-obsessed assistant Phil plot to take over the Easter organization.
All in all,it was entertaining, watching all those candies and chocolates in the movie made me wanted to buy the bunny egg chocolates in Cold Storage, but i find it quite expensive. For a small size egg,it was about RM5/each. Anyways, E.B and the Pink Berets were so cute, i wish i could find their stuffed dolls sometimes, chomel sangat!


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