Friday, April 1, 2011

His Car is No Longer Tinted

Afternoon dearies..
I've just remembered something happened to Mr.Amy's car on Wednesday. Well,my boyfriend's road tax in nearing to expired so he already applied for a new one. unfortunately, on Wednesday, after breakfast, as we were getting ready to go on a date, the lady doing his road tax called and said they can't proceed his road tax until he pays the JPJ a fine that was compounded for his tinted car. But he told the lady that he never got any summon from the JPJ or what so ever. But the lady ask hi  to go to the JPJ and deal with them first. so,no dates, we went straight to JPJ in Bangi. and seriously it took the whole day settling it. when he checked, the summon was issued by a camera at a traffic light because of his to dark tinted windows. he had to wait for a officer to come out and check his glasses and it took hours. when the officers came out, he said that 50% of light should go through the glass, that's the JPJ standard. but my boyfriend's car has less than 50% sunlight that went through so the officer said there's nothing that he can do unless my boyfriend takes off the tint and came back for the officer to check,pay a fine of RM140,than only can he renew his road tax. Poor Mr.Amy kan? So we had to find a car shop to take off his tint and guess what, the workers said my boyfriend's car was like the 11th or something that they have to take its tinted off. and that also took awhile,menyesal plak ikut. after the car was strip naked, we went back to the JPJ so the officer could check back the car,my boyfriend pay the fine and proceed with the process of renewing the road tax. But seriously,even if you want to pay, it take hours. we came around 2pm from the workshop and my boyfriend settled paying around 5.20pm. the whole day,i was stuck there. What a day!

p/s: if you don't want to be summon by the JPJ, make sure your tinted does not excess the recommended 50% sunlight!
pp/s: Boyfriend's car is naked,i find that hilarious!


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