Friday, April 29, 2011

Cuti Holiday!

hello ladies..

I'm now in Islamabad, Pakistan now! well,it's actually my second day here though. So i arrive in Islamabad on the night of 27th April at 10pm which is around 2am (28th April) in Malaysia. *time difference is 3 hours*. Coming out of the plane,i was shocked with the airport,seriously it's kind of 'buruk' even though stated as an international airport but seriously,our local state airport like the one in Malacca is better looking and equipped. So my dad took us straight home, along the way in the car, i didn't really looked outside since its really dark. and basically yesterday, during the day my dad had to go to work,so my brother and i stayed home but after work, our dad took us out for dinner. We went to this restaurant called 'Captain Cook's' where i had their chef's special steak. Omg! the portion of the meal were big, i was struggling to finish it. but definitely it was delicious. i took it picture of my super huge steak but sadly i took it from my dad's BB,and he's at work now,so now no pictures. besides, there are a few pictures of the flight that i took which is the Thai airways which i want to share but somehow my DSLR was switched to Raw format and i don't have the programmed to convert it yet.

More updates on my visit, so do come back later!



  1. kak...tak sabar rasanya nak tgok gambar.ambik gambar banyk2 tau!!!..hati2 kat sana k.

  2. bestnye....jgn lupe li ole2 kat aq tau..... hehehehehehe.... :)