Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello dears..
Well, this week my weekend is filled with a wedding, helping mom and dad put together another chandelier and replace the old ones with class today. Let's start with the wedding, it was my second cousin who got married but i don't think I've ever spoken to him like ever. His theme were blue, let the pictures do the talking...
When we arrive, the bride and groom were still getting ready,so we grab plates and eat first.
mommy and daddy.
the groom and bride.
the pelamin
 After that it was time to go home, cause my dad had another project that needs to be done while he's in Malaysia. what's the project call? assemble chandelier which has been in the storeroom for quite a long time, take down the one hanging and hang the one that we assemble. wooo,never thought putting together the crystal was hard but it sure was..we started sometime in the afternoon,after asar i think and even by midnight it still haven't been hanged. but finally, as i came back from class today, the chandelier is hung beautifully in our living room. i took a picture of the chandelier yesterday,but didn't bother to take it today. so here's the one from yesterday.
There,cantik x?



  1. cantik sgt..lampu kt umah k.ana k??

  2. owh,lampu kat rumah mak..bkn rumah saya...hehe,xmampu lg dik nak pakai lampu mcm nie.. n cube teka,chandelier nie dah berusia 17tahun tau... hehe

  3. yes,dibeli masa abah k.ana bertugas di turkey dulu,tp still cantik lg...hehe.