Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sad that he left...

Dear sunshines..

yesterday, i went to sent my dad to the airport. he's going back to Pakistan. Owh, 4 weeks holiday seems so short, it just seems like yesterday that he'd just arrived and then he had to go back to work. Alone plak tu, poor daddy! but maybe if there's rezeki, I'll get to visit him soon with my mom and my sister, if not, than it only my mom je. seriously, i don't look forward to go to Pakistan, I've never been there, but my siblings have on their school holidays, and they say not worth it,not to be racist or anything,but my sister's exact words were "Long,the people stink,even if i don't shower for a day and they showered twice a day, i would still smell better than them". so that i why I'm not too excited to go, but if i do go, it's only to be spending time with our daddy!
Dad's flight was around 12.15 p.m. from KLIA. And he touch down safely in Islamabad,Pakistan at around 9.07p.m. local time. So that would be 12.07 a.m. Malaysia's time. We are 3 hours ahead of Islamabad.


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