Sunday, March 13, 2011

Of a Wedding and Blueberry Muffin!

Hello dearies..
So today i went to my friend, As's wedding. i arrive tad late as there traffic in Sungai Besi and i got lost finding her house. So her theme were red/black which was a color that would be in my list cause for me red makes me look older than i am, but surprisingly for As, it look pretty good on her. the choice of color brought out her beauty,and it was totally beautiful. since we arrive late, we were really hungry, went to salam the bride's parents, the bride and groom were busy 'layan' guests, drop the wedding present on the bride's sister, and left to the buffet station. while i was eating with my boyfriend, another friend of mine, Eila,came and chat with me. all my other friends from secondary school left already by the time i arrived so i didn't get the chance to meet them. boohoo! Seriously,we talked so much since we haven't met in quite a long time, kind of made my boyfriend bored. haha. so after eating,we took pictures,with Eila,the bride and the groom and left since we're afraid of traffic.
With the bride
Hilmi, Nizam, As, Ana
posing with the cake
But on our way back, the route that we took would cross to my grandma's house,so i thought why not stop by,she's leaving for umrah on Monday,so i want to know and see her preparations. my grandma is a very funny old lady. she packed all her clothes, telekungs, tudung already but every time when anybody, either me or my mom or my aunts ask about her packing, she would start taking out stuffs from her bag and ask us should she bring this,or that,or just leave this,or add more...and the list goes on. but us,we know our grandma,layankan aje..until one point when my aunt ask her to lock her back and don't take anything else out again. haha
So after 'minum petang',we left my grandma's house. then as i arrived home, slightly before maghrib, my sister pop a question 'hey long(kaklong),wanna make blueberry muffin tonight?' and so I'm like 'sure,why not.' so there after a day out,enough time to shower,I'm in the kitchen baking blueberry muffins!
Yeah,some overflow coz sister put too much batter.


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