Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Sweet Treat

Hello sweethearts..
i just want to share with you readers the benefits on supplements that i take everyday. i don't have the perfect skin,there's a few acne that pops out once in a while then there's all these scars from old acne and so my mom bought me the Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) from Blacksmore for me to try on because someone told here that the EPO helps in improving our skin condition,they say something about 'cuci darah dalam badan' and i think why not give it a shot right? beside, apart from the skin conditions, its benefits is to ease menstrual cramps. before i have my menstrual cycle, i usually get back pain especially when i had iced drink during those time. so I've started taking it,every night after dinner,the bottle recommended 1-3 capsules daily,but i just take in 2 capsules. owh, one more thing is that if you want to try it, eat something first because the first few time I've took on an empty stomach,my body didn't accept it well and i became nauseated and got myself a headache.
owh, and if you readers like honey, just drink it with warm water everyday or substitute the sugar for your tea with it. honey has a lot of health benefits that we sometimes don't realize we're having. and for your info, a drink recipe to lose weight is mixed your warm water with honey and lemon, drink it while it's still warm. it will help you shed some weight but only if you watch what you eat though,there's no point trying to drink the lemon-honey drink if your eating habits is like beast. so enjoy!


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