Monday, March 21, 2011

Kim K's Beauty Secrets

Hello peeps!
Wanted to share with you lovely readers on Kim K's surprising beauty secrets...

Her Shiny Hair Tips
"My hair tricks are that I don't wash it every day, which helps it shine. I also switch up what shampoo I use all the time." - same here. since my hair is on the dry side,i just wash it every 2,3 days,depending on my daily schedule but i don't switch shampoo,it always have been the same one.

Bad Hair Day RX
"I have bad hair days all the time. When it's flat and has no volume I usually just put it in a ponytail" - normally i don't go for ponytail,but buns,yeah,it's much more easier.

Her Beauty Must
"I'm obsessed with my nails. I get them done once or twice a week because it makes me feel clean. My favorite color right now: OPI's Midnight in Moscow." - at times of the month,i do get my nails done but mostly DIY.

She's a Neat Freak
"I'm the biggest neat freak at home. I don't have people over for that reason, because I don't like anyone in my space. I think I was a housekeeper in my last life. Sitting at home in sweats and cleaning out my closet would be a perfect night for me." - not much of a neat freak, but i do clean once in a while, my room cleaning would be a weekly routine.

She Loves a Deal!
"I love shopping online and I love sales. I love stores like Zara and Forever 21. If I see a cool blazer that's really expensive, I'll say, I know I can get that at Zara or why I don't I design one myself from my K-Dash line." - who doesn't love a deal, every girl does. too bad we don't have a dash boutique here in Malaysia.

Be Your Own Cheerleader
"Everyone has the power to make good decisions, whether it's about your career or fitness routine. As long as you stay dedicated to something, you'll see a change. If you're committed, you can do anything!" -always,it's hard to find people to cheer you up this days, people tend to put you down.

Celeb Do-Gooder
"Donating to charity makes me feel good. I give away 10 percent of my money to different charities, like the Dream Foundation. If I can help someone with a terminal illness visit a loved one they might not have been with for 10 years, it's the greatest feeling in the world to me. If you give away, you'll always prosper." - charity duty is between me and god, nuff said.

Love Don't Cost a Thing
"Everything in life isn't measured by money. Success is how you live your life and treat other people. I've always lived my life trying to be a good and considerate person. To me, love and family are everything. You need supportive people around you, and I hold on to them. I've had the same friends for a long time." - my family, love and friends comes first in my life!

Treat Yourself and Others
"I work really hard, and I love buying gifts for my friends, but once a year I'll buy something for myself that I've had my eye on for a while. It helps to keep me motivated! Right now, I'm in save mode, because I want to redo my backyard. I want to create some more space and build a cabana." - yeah, in saving mode for a house of my own.

She's Uber-Organized
"Everything is on a schedule! And I just hired an assistant yesterday for the first time, basically because I always feel like I can do it better myself than anyone else. But it was just time. I'm just super organized in general." - i'm organized in my own way!


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