Monday, March 14, 2011

I want my old weight...

Dear sunshines..

Ugh,I'm gaining weight every second and i don't feel good about eat. i don't why i cant be more firm with myself like i used to back then. when i feel sluggish and want to lose some weight in a healthy way, i control myself with drinking oats, eating fruits and vegetables soups, in a months time i shed a few kilos, i look slimmer and i felt great. but nowadays,i never can find the courage to do that again. I'm hungry all the time and i need snacking. but i wanna try again, from this moment to at least control my meal intake,its hard to not eat rice at all cause my mom cooks good food everyday. For me,i don't want to be thin but a little slimmer than now so i could feel good about myself and wear my favorites dresses!
And tonight I'm going to the airport to send my grandma,aunt and uncle and cousins for their umrah. May they journey be safe both ways! Amin.