Thursday, March 31, 2011

Froyo Anyone?

Hello there..

so yesterday, I've gotten the chance to have Frozen Yogurt from Tutti Frutti as my dessert after dinner. Damn,it was so good! Even i didn't share it with my boyfriend,it sure wasn't enough to satisfy my sweet tooth! but what i don't like, tempted by the sugary toppings which loads it up coz me a fortune, even more than Baskin Robins. i didn't realize it weight that much coz I'd only took two swirl of the froyo, and my toppings were a little bit of gummy bears, some marshmallow, nut crushed, 2 pieces of strawberry and 3 pieces of kiwi, then i added some caramel sauce, put it on the scale, amek ko 300grams ++! its RM5.30 for 100gram. But serious, it is so delicious, i was gonna get it today too after my movie date. But since i had a lot of sugar from the popcorn, i skip it. Now I'm at home,craving plak. Menyesal!


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