Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can I be Alice in my own Wonderland?

Morning peeps!

Since my eyes cannot shut right this moment,why not blog? so since i was bored, i scroll down my brother's hard drive to copy the movie Alice in Wonderland for a friend of mine who still haven't had the chance to see it and continue on watching it for a while. But what suddenly caught my eyes was the 'Mad Hatter Tea Party' and how i wanted to have an English vintage tea party of my own where i could invite friends, take my 'vintage china' out, (if i have any,or i could just borrow mom's) and serve them teas,adding those cute little sugar cubes, pouring skim milk and with all those delicious dainty finger sandwiches, scones with strawberry jams and creams, macaroons, colorful cupcakes,strawberries, biscuits(cookies or shortbread), marshmallows and chocolate truffles*berangan xingat*. yes,i'm very sure friends would come xbalik-balik!hehe. a girl can only dream but it's not impossible though,I'm sure to organize my own tea party one day,heh! and if i ever get the chance to go to London,England,I'm sure as hell will get myself to enjoy the tea party from the tea party shop itself like the one i saw Kimora's daughters enjoyed in the episode when they were in London. What fun is it that they get to dress up wearing all those clothes and hair accessories with pearls necklaces and everything*again saya berangan* to be as elegance as i could be - the stylish Londoners' women do!

Can I? -referring to the part if i can go to London, as my daddy and boyfriend would say, kumpul your own money then,hish. Insyallah!
owh,i'm so in love with these right now
a soon to be my collections?
This current moment i could only drink tea from normal mugs, mom wont let me touch her Royal Doulton,duh,it's expensive,off course cannot!


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