Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breakfast in a box!

Hello dears..

How was your day? lovely? great? well, i hope your day turn out fine just as you've planned it. let me tell you about my day, it started in the morning around 10, when the love of my life came to pick me up,since we haven't had breakfast yet,so i told him,we should go to Mcd for their breakfast,he agreed. when we arrive at Nilai's Mcd,there were some crowd but it was still fine. So my boyfriend queue in line and i went to fine a seat. Imagine,he started lining up around 10.25 a.m. and got our breakfast at around 11.30 a.m. Seriously, an hour just to get breakfast. How did that happened? well it turn out that some people just doesn't know how to queue, first there were this Chinese guy,when it was he's turn to order, suddenly 5 of his friend drop in on what they wanted for breakfast. if that wasn't enough, then there were this Malay college girl i think, when it was her turn,guess how many of her friend came up? more than 15 of here friend dropped their orders. *Mula la nak start cursing kan?* Seriously,i don't mind that much if all of her friends were there with her but they all came late, tau2 je when they got there, mencelah. Because as i was waiting at my table, waiting for my boyfriend to bring me food, i saw 3 cars pulling, and out came her friends. Poor boyfriend had to queue that long just because i wanted Mcd's breakfast! But you know girls, that is how i know he loves me very berry much!

p/s: Craving for hotcake la plak!


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