Friday, March 11, 2011

Benefit Cosmetic

Hello there...
when i was browsing through the internet, i came about Benefit Cosmetics. well, I've been passing their beauty counter when i go to shopping malls but i never bother to drop-by and get a good look at their products despite their quirky counter design or even their quirky products,very unique! Why i never bother to look up on them before this and only now,well it's because before this i had quite a problem with my skin, I'm not allowed to wear makeup if i want my skin condition to improved. but now since my face has improved, I'm in the spirit to get makeup again,although I'm told *again* to really let my skin really improve before i try on products,making more damage to the skin than before. oh well, since its a good advised as i don't want to ruin my skin further, there's no harming to browse on their product and drool right?
So here i present to you some of their bestsellers (pictures taken from their website):
Posietint - poppy pink tinted lip & cheek stain
10 - bronzing and highlighting face powder
Smokin eyes - sexy eye and brow makeover kit
BADgal lash mascara - black mascara
So there, i would love to be able to wear makeup again! if any of you have used this brand,do let me know..



  1. Hey there Ana, good to know that you like Benefit too. I'm fan of Benefit, and I have loads of Benefit stuffs that mainly bought from their website. Just want to share/exchange some info about new upcoming skincare line called B.Right! Hopefully after read my review you'll love them even more. :)

  2. lovely dear! thanks! sure will be checking ur blog soon!