Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Abah is Home

Hello dearies..

Yes,yesterday was the day that my dad got back home. oh,how we all miss him. my father got back yesterday morning,his plane landed sometime around 9.10 am and my mom,my brother and i just got home from sending my sister off to school. just as the plane landed my dad called and said he's here,so we left the house that instant since my mom's house is in the Sepang area and it's only about 15 minute drive to KLIA. my dad would have ample of time to pick up his luggage and go through the custom and immigrations. but as we arrive there, me and my mom went inside to the arrival hall and waited,we thought it wouldn't be long as coz daddy called and said he landed but since he brought back his golf bag set,that was the last luggage,hence the wait. 
Yes,i was happy to see my father. on our way back home,dad said he was hungry and wanted to eat 'nasi lemak',thank god that mum had bought 'nasi lemak bungkus' on our way back from sending my sister to school,so we arrive home,i made coffee and we all had breakfast + listening to dad talking about his journey back home and all things he had encounter during that time. after that,because of jet-lagged,dad took a nap,i could understand how tiring traveling on a transit flight,there's always check in and check out of the bag. what a hassle.
But seriously,i pity my dad as he'd only taken a nap for a while when my mom's mobile phone rang ad it was someone from the office in Pakistan,imagine that,saying he had to talk to my dad about an urgent matter. how pissed was my mom,the man is here for a holiday but there's always work call for him. and so my dad woke up from his nap and work up the issue from around 3.00pm until around 6.00pm calling back and forth from the Suruhanjaya Tinggi Malaysia in Islamabad to Wisma Putra. as a daughter, i hate to see that especially when my dad is really tired. sometimes people have no respect for my father because he always told me how much when his colleague are on leaves or holidays,he never made the attempt to call or 'kacau' them during those time. plus,just imagine settling the issue without paperwork in front of you and had to keep calling the people in the office there to mail it to him.
Since until 6.00pm (Malaysia's time) he had only had eaten breakfast,and my mom hasn't had the time to cook,so we went out to eat our lunch+dinner,yes with my dad bringing his paperwork from what he printed at home. Poor daddy! of all,he wanted to make sure all of his hard work is done until his boss sign the documents rather than letting other people claim their names for my dad's work. but as this morning,yes, my father hard work paid off when he called his boss explaining about the document. as for him,his boss was proud of him for doing it during his holiday and even doing it from Malaysia!

p/s: Abah had craving for durians but so far no such luck!


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