Thursday, March 31, 2011

Froyo Anyone?

Hello there..

so yesterday, I've gotten the chance to have Frozen Yogurt from Tutti Frutti as my dessert after dinner. Damn,it was so good! Even i didn't share it with my boyfriend,it sure wasn't enough to satisfy my sweet tooth! but what i don't like, tempted by the sugary toppings which loads it up coz me a fortune, even more than Baskin Robins. i didn't realize it weight that much coz I'd only took two swirl of the froyo, and my toppings were a little bit of gummy bears, some marshmallow, nut crushed, 2 pieces of strawberry and 3 pieces of kiwi, then i added some caramel sauce, put it on the scale, amek ko 300grams ++! its RM5.30 for 100gram. But serious, it is so delicious, i was gonna get it today too after my movie date. But since i had a lot of sugar from the popcorn, i skip it. Now I'm at home,craving plak. Menyesal!


Looks I Adore!

Morning ladies..

Don't you just love the color combination? Sweet isn't? Preppy Dorky! Love it!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breakfast in a box!

Hello dears..

How was your day? lovely? great? well, i hope your day turn out fine just as you've planned it. let me tell you about my day, it started in the morning around 10, when the love of my life came to pick me up,since we haven't had breakfast yet,so i told him,we should go to Mcd for their breakfast,he agreed. when we arrive at Nilai's Mcd,there were some crowd but it was still fine. So my boyfriend queue in line and i went to fine a seat. Imagine,he started lining up around 10.25 a.m. and got our breakfast at around 11.30 a.m. Seriously, an hour just to get breakfast. How did that happened? well it turn out that some people just doesn't know how to queue, first there were this Chinese guy,when it was he's turn to order, suddenly 5 of his friend drop in on what they wanted for breakfast. if that wasn't enough, then there were this Malay college girl i think, when it was her turn,guess how many of her friend came up? more than 15 of here friend dropped their orders. *Mula la nak start cursing kan?* Seriously,i don't mind that much if all of her friends were there with her but they all came late, tau2 je when they got there, mencelah. Because as i was waiting at my table, waiting for my boyfriend to bring me food, i saw 3 cars pulling, and out came her friends. Poor boyfriend had to queue that long just because i wanted Mcd's breakfast! But you know girls, that is how i know he loves me very berry much!

p/s: Craving for hotcake la plak!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sad that he left...

Dear sunshines..

yesterday, i went to sent my dad to the airport. he's going back to Pakistan. Owh, 4 weeks holiday seems so short, it just seems like yesterday that he'd just arrived and then he had to go back to work. Alone plak tu, poor daddy! but maybe if there's rezeki, I'll get to visit him soon with my mom and my sister, if not, than it only my mom je. seriously, i don't look forward to go to Pakistan, I've never been there, but my siblings have on their school holidays, and they say not worth it,not to be racist or anything,but my sister's exact words were "Long,the people stink,even if i don't shower for a day and they showered twice a day, i would still smell better than them". so that i why I'm not too excited to go, but if i do go, it's only to be spending time with our daddy!
Dad's flight was around 12.15 p.m. from KLIA. And he touch down safely in Islamabad,Pakistan at around 9.07p.m. local time. So that would be 12.07 a.m. Malaysia's time. We are 3 hours ahead of Islamabad.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinner with my Family!

Hello sunshines..
Yesterday my family went out to eat at this place called Downtown Seafood KLIA. It's a chinese muslim cuisine. our family's favorite dish was the Butter Prawn,delicious. My brother even ordered a second serving because the first one wasn't enough. we invited our soon to be additional family members (insyallah) my sayang, Hilmi and my brother's girlfriend, ?Nuurun. Nuurun just got back from China, and she bought me and my sister this lovely Marc Jacobs makeup pouch, so sweet and thoughtful of her.
Enjoy the pictures ladies..


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aku dan Dirimu

Something to share...
I just love this song by Ari Lasso and Bunga Citra Lestari - Aku dan Dirimu.
Tiba saatnya kita, saling bicara,
tentang perasaan yang, kian menyiksa,
tentang rindu yang menggebu,
tentang cinta yang tak terungkap.
Sudah terlalu lama, kita berdiam,
tenggelam dalam gelisah, yang tak teredam,
meme-nuhi, mimpi-mimpi, malam kita.
Duhai cinta ku, sayang ku, lepaskanlah,
perasaan mu, rindu mu, s’luruh cinta mu,
dan kini hanya, ada aku, dan diri mu,
sesaat, di keabadian.
Jika sang waktu bisa, kita hentikan,
oh, dan s’gala mimpi-mimpi jadi kenyataan,
meleburkan semua batas,
antara kau dan aku,
Duhai cinta ku, sayang ku, lepaskanlah,
perasaan mu, rindu mu, s’luruh cinta mu,
[Reff] ^

And this is us. aku dan dirimu.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello peeps!
I had just finished watching one of my favorite movies, Matilda. to me it's a classic, i watch it too many time growing up but i don't think I've ever gotten bored with it. anyways, for those of you who never watch Matilda before. let me give you a little bit of the storyline. This is the story of a sweet bright little girl named Matilda, who is a child of wondrous intelligence. But unfortunately she is different from the rest of her family. Ignored at home all the time, Matilda escapes into a world of reading, exercising her mind so much she develops telekinetic powers. Good thing, too: sent off to a school headed by a cruel hulking monster, principal Agatha Trunchbull, Matilda needs all the help she can get. Amid Crunchem's (the school) darkness, Matilda finds a single light in warm-hearted Miss Honey, the first-grade teacher who recognizes the girl's remarkable skills--including a very special talent that allows the spirited girl to turn the tables on the wicked grown-ups in her world.
The main characters were Mara Wilson as Matilda, Danny DeVito as the father and narrator, Rhea Perman as the mother, Embeth Davidtz as Miss Honey and not to forget Pam Ferris as the mean Principal Trunchbull. Some facts and quotes from the movie i would love to share are :
  • The picture of Miss honey's father, Magnus is actually a potrait of Roald Dahl, the author of the book Matilda on which this movie is based on.
  • Sadly, Mara Wilson's (Matilda) mother, Suzie Wilson died of breast cancer during filming. Mara pressed on bravely, impressing her adult co-stars. In spite of this, the film was dedicated to her, as seen in the end credits. 
  • Pam Ferris would often stay in character when the director called cut in an attempt to actually scare the children on set so that their fear would be genuine when the camera was rolling. 
  • Jenny: Matilda, you promised me you wouldn't go back in that house again. Matilda: I didn't, I was on the garage roof. [whispering] Matilda: I did it with my powers. 
  • Matilda: Daddy, you're a crook. Harry Wormwood: What? Matilda: This is illegal. Harry Wormwood: [hands the car drill to Mikey, then walks to Matilda] You make money? Do you have a job? Matilda: No, but don't people need good cars? Can't you sell good cars, Dad? Harry Wormwood: Listen, you little wiseacre: I'm smart; you're dumb; I'm big, you're little; I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Seriously, find this movie and watch it, it a fun family movie to watch over microwave popcorns and some soda.haha!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hunger Strikes Me!

Hello sunshines!
What a title,well, my parents both went out as some friends wanted to see my dad before he goes back to Pakistan and at that time my mom didn't cook so me and my sister thought, it's ok mom,just go already, we'll order MacDonald or Dominos or something to eat, but it turned out that the Nilai MacDonald and Dominos do not deliver to Salak Tinggi even though our house is pretty much on the border of Nilai,our house is much close to Bandar Baru Nilai than Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi (FYI,since my mom move to our current home,we've never ordered anything from Mcd's or Dominos,my brothers usually drives to get it ourselves). Seriously, my sister and i were very frustrated as we were very hungry by the time our parents left. so i thought, fine I'll just cook some rice and deep fried some shrimps for our dinner but than as i went into the kitchen, i saw a bottle of Prego Mushroom sauce, there was a pack of pasta on the kitchen shelve and as i open the freezer, yeay!, mince meat available so we will be having Italian meal tonight.

Our Simple Pasta Recipe:
1. Saute the onions and garlic in olive oil until fragrant.
2. Add in the mince meat and fried it until it turns brown. (i added some button mushrooms)
3. put in the Prego sauce to own desire. i added some oregano leaves for a little more flavoring.
4. In a different pot, boil water with some oil and salt.
5. Add the pasta into the boiling water for a while then tossed.
6. Put some of the tossed pasta in a bowl, and place the sauce on top of the pasta. Add mint leaves and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese if you like.

There, our meal is ready! Bon Apetit! Now tthe pasta in full in my tummy.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Craving for cupcakes!

Dear dearies...
This current moment i'm craving for cupcakes especially on chocolate flavored ones with chocolate ganache, yummy! and I'm drooling just by looking at this pictures, but too sayang to eat because it is so pretty. the cupcakes are from RATUkek.

Seriously,I've never order cupcakes from this awesome lady, but i was her customer for my 22nd birthday cake and it was super delicious not to mention pretty too! but will obviously order some soon!
My delicious birthday cake!
This RATUkek is super creative in her work and i seriously admire her for her hardworking and creativity. do check out her on her Facebook fan page and Flickr.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Kim K's Beauty Secrets

Hello peeps!
Wanted to share with you lovely readers on Kim K's surprising beauty secrets...

Her Shiny Hair Tips
"My hair tricks are that I don't wash it every day, which helps it shine. I also switch up what shampoo I use all the time." - same here. since my hair is on the dry side,i just wash it every 2,3 days,depending on my daily schedule but i don't switch shampoo,it always have been the same one.

Bad Hair Day RX
"I have bad hair days all the time. When it's flat and has no volume I usually just put it in a ponytail" - normally i don't go for ponytail,but buns,yeah,it's much more easier.

Her Beauty Must
"I'm obsessed with my nails. I get them done once or twice a week because it makes me feel clean. My favorite color right now: OPI's Midnight in Moscow." - at times of the month,i do get my nails done but mostly DIY.

She's a Neat Freak
"I'm the biggest neat freak at home. I don't have people over for that reason, because I don't like anyone in my space. I think I was a housekeeper in my last life. Sitting at home in sweats and cleaning out my closet would be a perfect night for me." - not much of a neat freak, but i do clean once in a while, my room cleaning would be a weekly routine.

She Loves a Deal!
"I love shopping online and I love sales. I love stores like Zara and Forever 21. If I see a cool blazer that's really expensive, I'll say, I know I can get that at Zara or why I don't I design one myself from my K-Dash line." - who doesn't love a deal, every girl does. too bad we don't have a dash boutique here in Malaysia.

Be Your Own Cheerleader
"Everyone has the power to make good decisions, whether it's about your career or fitness routine. As long as you stay dedicated to something, you'll see a change. If you're committed, you can do anything!" -always,it's hard to find people to cheer you up this days, people tend to put you down.

Celeb Do-Gooder
"Donating to charity makes me feel good. I give away 10 percent of my money to different charities, like the Dream Foundation. If I can help someone with a terminal illness visit a loved one they might not have been with for 10 years, it's the greatest feeling in the world to me. If you give away, you'll always prosper." - charity duty is between me and god, nuff said.

Love Don't Cost a Thing
"Everything in life isn't measured by money. Success is how you live your life and treat other people. I've always lived my life trying to be a good and considerate person. To me, love and family are everything. You need supportive people around you, and I hold on to them. I've had the same friends for a long time." - my family, love and friends comes first in my life!

Treat Yourself and Others
"I work really hard, and I love buying gifts for my friends, but once a year I'll buy something for myself that I've had my eye on for a while. It helps to keep me motivated! Right now, I'm in save mode, because I want to redo my backyard. I want to create some more space and build a cabana." - yeah, in saving mode for a house of my own.

She's Uber-Organized
"Everything is on a schedule! And I just hired an assistant yesterday for the first time, basically because I always feel like I can do it better myself than anyone else. But it was just time. I'm just super organized in general." - i'm organized in my own way!


Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello dears..
Well, this week my weekend is filled with a wedding, helping mom and dad put together another chandelier and replace the old ones with class today. Let's start with the wedding, it was my second cousin who got married but i don't think I've ever spoken to him like ever. His theme were blue, let the pictures do the talking...
When we arrive, the bride and groom were still getting ready,so we grab plates and eat first.
mommy and daddy.
the groom and bride.
the pelamin
 After that it was time to go home, cause my dad had another project that needs to be done while he's in Malaysia. what's the project call? assemble chandelier which has been in the storeroom for quite a long time, take down the one hanging and hang the one that we assemble. wooo,never thought putting together the crystal was hard but it sure was..we started sometime in the afternoon,after asar i think and even by midnight it still haven't been hanged. but finally, as i came back from class today, the chandelier is hung beautifully in our living room. i took a picture of the chandelier yesterday,but didn't bother to take it today. so here's the one from yesterday.
There,cantik x?


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sometimes we just don't realize that the people close to you can be the type 'duri dalam daging'. it's hurtful to learn that someone you know talk shit behind your back and tries to put you down, but as my mom always say, just let them be, we do our stuff, let them do their stuff. yeah, seriously i don't give a shit, all my life i know what i do, I'll stay that way.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Au Naturel

I always think of myself as a more laid back kind of girl. i adore the simple and low maintenance things in life. in the beauty part, i love the natural look with a little tinted moisturizer, a brush of blusher, a swipe of mascara and some tinted lip balm, with a loose beachy waves or sometimes on a hot day,i just tie my hair up in a cute ponytail,and I'm off..but just because i don't mind labels doesn't mean i don't splurge on a few designers label.


Monday, March 14, 2011

I want my old weight...

Dear sunshines..

Ugh,I'm gaining weight every second and i don't feel good about eat. i don't why i cant be more firm with myself like i used to back then. when i feel sluggish and want to lose some weight in a healthy way, i control myself with drinking oats, eating fruits and vegetables soups, in a months time i shed a few kilos, i look slimmer and i felt great. but nowadays,i never can find the courage to do that again. I'm hungry all the time and i need snacking. but i wanna try again, from this moment to at least control my meal intake,its hard to not eat rice at all cause my mom cooks good food everyday. For me,i don't want to be thin but a little slimmer than now so i could feel good about myself and wear my favorites dresses!
And tonight I'm going to the airport to send my grandma,aunt and uncle and cousins for their umrah. May they journey be safe both ways! Amin.


May He Wins...

Hello dearies..

I'm waiting for Lee Chong Wei to play in the finals of Yonex All England Championships. Hoping he beats Lin Dan. Seriously, why do they have to play last? but anyways, just saying Malaysia Boleh!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Of a Wedding and Blueberry Muffin!

Hello dearies..
So today i went to my friend, As's wedding. i arrive tad late as there traffic in Sungai Besi and i got lost finding her house. So her theme were red/black which was a color that would be in my list cause for me red makes me look older than i am, but surprisingly for As, it look pretty good on her. the choice of color brought out her beauty,and it was totally beautiful. since we arrive late, we were really hungry, went to salam the bride's parents, the bride and groom were busy 'layan' guests, drop the wedding present on the bride's sister, and left to the buffet station. while i was eating with my boyfriend, another friend of mine, Eila,came and chat with me. all my other friends from secondary school left already by the time i arrived so i didn't get the chance to meet them. boohoo! Seriously,we talked so much since we haven't met in quite a long time, kind of made my boyfriend bored. haha. so after eating,we took pictures,with Eila,the bride and the groom and left since we're afraid of traffic.
With the bride
Hilmi, Nizam, As, Ana
posing with the cake
But on our way back, the route that we took would cross to my grandma's house,so i thought why not stop by,she's leaving for umrah on Monday,so i want to know and see her preparations. my grandma is a very funny old lady. she packed all her clothes, telekungs, tudung already but every time when anybody, either me or my mom or my aunts ask about her packing, she would start taking out stuffs from her bag and ask us should she bring this,or that,or just leave this,or add more...and the list goes on. but us,we know our grandma,layankan aje..until one point when my aunt ask her to lock her back and don't take anything else out again. haha
So after 'minum petang',we left my grandma's house. then as i arrived home, slightly before maghrib, my sister pop a question 'hey long(kaklong),wanna make blueberry muffin tonight?' and so I'm like 'sure,why not.' so there after a day out,enough time to shower,I'm in the kitchen baking blueberry muffins!
Yeah,some overflow coz sister put too much batter.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Benefit Cosmetic

Hello there...
when i was browsing through the internet, i came about Benefit Cosmetics. well, I've been passing their beauty counter when i go to shopping malls but i never bother to drop-by and get a good look at their products despite their quirky counter design or even their quirky products,very unique! Why i never bother to look up on them before this and only now,well it's because before this i had quite a problem with my skin, I'm not allowed to wear makeup if i want my skin condition to improved. but now since my face has improved, I'm in the spirit to get makeup again,although I'm told *again* to really let my skin really improve before i try on products,making more damage to the skin than before. oh well, since its a good advised as i don't want to ruin my skin further, there's no harming to browse on their product and drool right?
So here i present to you some of their bestsellers (pictures taken from their website):
Posietint - poppy pink tinted lip & cheek stain
10 - bronzing and highlighting face powder
Smokin eyes - sexy eye and brow makeover kit
BADgal lash mascara - black mascara
So there, i would love to be able to wear makeup again! if any of you have used this brand,do let me know..


Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's an Inspiration

The very uber stylish Zooey Deschanel.
Why is she an inspiration to me?
Well, first of all she gorgeous and her style is tasteful classy. she dresses up in her very own girly way and i love how she combine her dresses with tights as i don't really like to show a lot of skin myself. Plus, there's always some fabulous vintage touch in her style.
In a white vintage lace dress, super stunning. Love the pink bow headband, so cute!
In this gorgeous piece, adorable!
What do you think?


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Sweet Treat

Hello sweethearts..
i just want to share with you readers the benefits on supplements that i take everyday. i don't have the perfect skin,there's a few acne that pops out once in a while then there's all these scars from old acne and so my mom bought me the Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) from Blacksmore for me to try on because someone told here that the EPO helps in improving our skin condition,they say something about 'cuci darah dalam badan' and i think why not give it a shot right? beside, apart from the skin conditions, its benefits is to ease menstrual cramps. before i have my menstrual cycle, i usually get back pain especially when i had iced drink during those time. so I've started taking it,every night after dinner,the bottle recommended 1-3 capsules daily,but i just take in 2 capsules. owh, one more thing is that if you want to try it, eat something first because the first few time I've took on an empty stomach,my body didn't accept it well and i became nauseated and got myself a headache.
owh, and if you readers like honey, just drink it with warm water everyday or substitute the sugar for your tea with it. honey has a lot of health benefits that we sometimes don't realize we're having. and for your info, a drink recipe to lose weight is mixed your warm water with honey and lemon, drink it while it's still warm. it will help you shed some weight but only if you watch what you eat though,there's no point trying to drink the lemon-honey drink if your eating habits is like beast. so enjoy!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On my Shopping List

Hello lovely peeps..

I'm bored and went browsing for stuff and found a few items to be put on my shopping list. So what are they:

The first item one my shopping list is : A purple plaid shirt, like the one that Taylor Swift wore.
source: OMG Yahoo!
2nd on my shopping list is a fun day floral dress.
source: Monsoon Accessorize
And the 3rd item on my list is a quirky handbag like the one i found in Old Blossom Box.
Source: Old Blossom Box

So,Mr. Hilmi, what are waiting for? Take me shopping will ya..


Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Monday

Hello dearies..

And it is almost noon,what a busy morning. Got up,send my sibling to Serdang KTM station,send my sister to school,breakfast with nasi lemak ayam at mamak's,left for Kajang to drop off Corelle for a customer,accompany dad to the dentist,then drop by at the plant nursery with mom and stop at Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi's food court, bought a few lauk for lunch and now I'm home. finally,a bliss actually to be waking early today and do all those stuffs because every other day,at this time of the day,i'm still in my blanket sleeping*ape punye anak dara daa*. well,i'm on a long holiday so why not abused it.haha. And i'm off again,there's a few studying to catch up!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can I be Alice in my own Wonderland?

Morning peeps!

Since my eyes cannot shut right this moment,why not blog? so since i was bored, i scroll down my brother's hard drive to copy the movie Alice in Wonderland for a friend of mine who still haven't had the chance to see it and continue on watching it for a while. But what suddenly caught my eyes was the 'Mad Hatter Tea Party' and how i wanted to have an English vintage tea party of my own where i could invite friends, take my 'vintage china' out, (if i have any,or i could just borrow mom's) and serve them teas,adding those cute little sugar cubes, pouring skim milk and with all those delicious dainty finger sandwiches, scones with strawberry jams and creams, macaroons, colorful cupcakes,strawberries, biscuits(cookies or shortbread), marshmallows and chocolate truffles*berangan xingat*. yes,i'm very sure friends would come xbalik-balik!hehe. a girl can only dream but it's not impossible though,I'm sure to organize my own tea party one day,heh! and if i ever get the chance to go to London,England,I'm sure as hell will get myself to enjoy the tea party from the tea party shop itself like the one i saw Kimora's daughters enjoyed in the episode when they were in London. What fun is it that they get to dress up wearing all those clothes and hair accessories with pearls necklaces and everything*again saya berangan* to be as elegance as i could be - the stylish Londoners' women do!

Can I? -referring to the part if i can go to London, as my daddy and boyfriend would say, kumpul your own money then,hish. Insyallah!
owh,i'm so in love with these right now
a soon to be my collections?
This current moment i could only drink tea from normal mugs, mom wont let me touch her Royal Doulton,duh,it's expensive,off course cannot!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tricks to Look Skinny

Hello there..
Despite my title, there are some other things to do than dieting to appear slimmer. Here are 10 tips that might just surprise you:
1. Wear heels. Always.
High heels can hurt like a biotch and be insanely expensive but they’re still necessary. They will instantly add sexiness to any outfit, regardless of the body that sits on top of them. They also make legs look longer and, therefore, the rest of our body appear thinner.
2. Beware your friends who are fat magnets.
Admit it: When a buddy orders French fries at lunch, you can't help but steal some of hers, or even order your own. Or how about the girl who always orders a greasy app, or another coke, or a huge dessert? We're not saying don't dine with them...we're just saying that you want to be extra-aware of what you're getting into when you hang with someone who isn't as savvy as you.
3.  Discover your signature style.
You know that girl who can make guys salivate just by wearing a plain white Hanes tee and comfy jeans? That's because it’s not just what you wear, but also how you wear it. Everything you put on your body gives off signals that can captivate a room…or turn people off. So rock the clothing that gets you the most compliments and makes you feel good, even if it’s a V-neck sweater you bought on clearance five years ago.
4. Give food your undivided attention.
When it comes to meals, don’t multitask. If you chow down while watching the newest Gossip Girl episode, you will end up consuming more...and possibly not remember eating in the first place. Plus, remember that eating is something you do when you’re hungry — not when you're weepy, bored, fidgety, or drunk. Listen to your tummy, not your emotions.
5. Slip into some sexy panties.
Power suit? How about power panties? If you save your best ooh-la-la underthings only for dates and parties, you’re underestimating how indulgent some hidden sauciness can be on a regular workday. And since we all know that the wrong underwear can throw off your game for the entire day, keep an array of options in your drawer: seamless panties, Spanx, thongs, boy shorts, and at least one pair of sexy undies that basically looks like a doily. A very, very small doily.
6. Buy more food without labels.
When you’re tossing items into your grocery cart, put a limit on food that comes in a box, can, or wrapper. The fewer preservatives, additives, and chemicals a food has, the healthier it is. (Duh.) A good rule to follow: If you have to nuke it when you get home, there’s probably a fresher option in the produce or meat aisle.
7. Wear black opaque tights.
Consider solid black tights the miracle worker of your lower-body wardrobe. Among their talents: They make your legs look thinner; they’re a stylish way to deal with cooler temps; they’re usually inexpensive; and they can hide a multitude of flaws, like veins, your annual winter pastiness, and even knobby knees. 
8. Police your portion control.
One in four people eats everything he or she is served, regardless of how much food it is. Bigger is certainly better when it comes to paychecks and heel heights, but not when we’re talking about food portions. So the next time you’re about to down some macaroni and cheese, keep in mind that “the clean plate club” is one group you don't want to be in!
9. Beware of “healthy” foods and other hidden food traps.
It starts out innocently enough: You decide to make a salad for lunch. So into your bowl goes crisp spinach, shredded carrots, and cherry tomatoes. But as you’re patting yourself on the back for a meal healthfully done, your dish becomes laden with, well, crap: eggs, chicken, meat slices, croutons, creamy dressing. The lesson? Just because it’s called a “salad” doesn’t mean it’s wholesome.
10. Choose fat burners, not fats.
Some magical foods actually satisfy you, for various reasons. Add these to your shopping list and incorporate them into your diet: grapefruit, apples, olive oil, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, lecithin, garlic, blueberries, and almonds. (Just not too much garlic, if you want to stay cool with your coworkers and boyfriend.)

Surely i will try my best to follow all this tips but i don't know how when I'm back home at mom's place and she's the greatest cook ever. everyday,there always 'makanan sedap-sedap' on the dinner table!


Friday, March 4, 2011

The Style of Kate Middleton

Hello sweethearts...
I was looking up the internet, when i found the style of Kate Middleton. Googling, i love all her everyday style. I don't really fancy her formal dress up as much though. Yes,she's pretty, smart and she's marrying the super hot Prince William.
All picture source: Google Image
Have a fun weekend!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

If I ever..

Hello dearies..
If i ever go abroad again,especially during the fall or early winter,this would be my few daily wear. Oh,how i miss New York.

Why i say a few?, because most of the time I'm there on short holiday so mom said it would be a waste to buy lots of winter clothes when i can't wear them here in Malaysia. Sedihkan? But I just hope that one day my sayang will take me there again. then i can be his tour guide showing him all around Manhattan,hehe.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Abah is Home

Hello dearies..

Yes,yesterday was the day that my dad got back home. oh,how we all miss him. my father got back yesterday morning,his plane landed sometime around 9.10 am and my mom,my brother and i just got home from sending my sister off to school. just as the plane landed my dad called and said he's here,so we left the house that instant since my mom's house is in the Sepang area and it's only about 15 minute drive to KLIA. my dad would have ample of time to pick up his luggage and go through the custom and immigrations. but as we arrive there, me and my mom went inside to the arrival hall and waited,we thought it wouldn't be long as coz daddy called and said he landed but since he brought back his golf bag set,that was the last luggage,hence the wait. 
Yes,i was happy to see my father. on our way back home,dad said he was hungry and wanted to eat 'nasi lemak',thank god that mum had bought 'nasi lemak bungkus' on our way back from sending my sister to school,so we arrive home,i made coffee and we all had breakfast + listening to dad talking about his journey back home and all things he had encounter during that time. after that,because of jet-lagged,dad took a nap,i could understand how tiring traveling on a transit flight,there's always check in and check out of the bag. what a hassle.
But seriously,i pity my dad as he'd only taken a nap for a while when my mom's mobile phone rang ad it was someone from the office in Pakistan,imagine that,saying he had to talk to my dad about an urgent matter. how pissed was my mom,the man is here for a holiday but there's always work call for him. and so my dad woke up from his nap and work up the issue from around 3.00pm until around 6.00pm calling back and forth from the Suruhanjaya Tinggi Malaysia in Islamabad to Wisma Putra. as a daughter, i hate to see that especially when my dad is really tired. sometimes people have no respect for my father because he always told me how much when his colleague are on leaves or holidays,he never made the attempt to call or 'kacau' them during those time. plus,just imagine settling the issue without paperwork in front of you and had to keep calling the people in the office there to mail it to him.
Since until 6.00pm (Malaysia's time) he had only had eaten breakfast,and my mom hasn't had the time to cook,so we went out to eat our lunch+dinner,yes with my dad bringing his paperwork from what he printed at home. Poor daddy! of all,he wanted to make sure all of his hard work is done until his boss sign the documents rather than letting other people claim their names for my dad's work. but as this morning,yes, my father hard work paid off when he called his boss explaining about the document. as for him,his boss was proud of him for doing it during his holiday and even doing it from Malaysia!

p/s: Abah had craving for durians but so far no such luck!