Monday, February 21, 2011

Slimmer lah..


Owh,living win my current situations with no jobs,bores me to death. it's weird though,on days when i was working,i always hope for the weekend to come by quickly or just sometimes every morning, i have this 'malasness' to wake up and rather wrap up in my cozy blanket wishing that it hasn't been morning yet. but now,it's only been a week with no work,I'd just wish that i can go back and work at my old office. hehe. well,I'm still on the waiting list  for the permanent post that I've applied for,and so I'm still waiting... who knows,insyallah akan ada rezeki for me.
with that said i don't just give up on other alternatives,i still send out resumes after resumes from that place to this place. i filled up form after form,either online or the real thing but still,nothing. but,i know if I'm patient enough,there's always a way or two which will work/open for me. haha. Amin.

So,last Saturday was my mummy's birthday! and my siblings and i celebrated it by getting her a cake from Secret Recipe. My dad made a special video for my mom,it was sweet and i got her a novel so she could read during time when she's alone. i live on my own now so my mom is mostly home alone,my youngest sister is still schooling so her days are most spent it school,my 3 younger brothers are usually at their uni/college and daddy is still in Pakistan,cian my mom. but hooray,daddy's coming home soon(for holiday only,not because he has finish with work),sometime end of this month. Can't wait,i miss my daddy very much!

Owh,I've started a jogging routine with my housemate,and so i hope i will be more healthy and slimmer! yes,I'm excited to slim down more when a friend of mine whom i bumped in when i was waiting for the bus at a bus stop at Alamanda said 'Ana nampak kurusla' *yes,I'm blushing*. hehe. Or maybe it's just that she haven't seen me in a while so that too can make it seem that i look slimmer when i actually don't but then when i told my boyfriend about it and being such a sweetheart that he is,he even said 'Yes dear,kamu memang kurus'. haha.


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