Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes


As I'm anxiously waiting for the 14th of February,no not to celebrate valentine..dear,we express our love towards one another every single seconds of our life so there's no need to celebrate it,but for result on my interview..duhh. lambat gile delay dia,of course it makes me anxious. so bored waiting, shoes took my mind off from it. my favorite fashion store has got to be Forever 21 as it has all sorts of stuff from apparels, shoes, and accessories. even at times when I'm broke and don't even have a penny to spend,i would still pull my sayang to teman me window shop inside Forever 21 where the nearest would be in Sunway Pyramid. but sometimes my sayang is quite the busy man himself doesn't have time to teman me window shop and so i window shop from my monitor. the bliss..haha. my obsession will always be shoes,be it heels, wedges, flats, pump.
All shoes from Forever 21


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