Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of futsal and all the little things..

Hello peeps,

So last night was spent playing futsal,nope i was not playing for a tournament,only to fill in some of the players who couldn't come for practice. but it was really fun,got my adrenalin rush running,since i haven't played in quite a long time. oh,how i wish i have my own team and we could at least play biweekly or the least once a month. is there anybody who wanna join me or if you want me to join your team,i could definitely play.haha. anyways,when i got home last night,my boyfriend drop by to give me the new March Cleo he just bought. so what's hot in this new issue of Cleo,well it comes with a little booklet on Beauty Journal,so there's guide for you on everything beauty stuff from skin care to applying makeup to great hair and there's even some guide for your man! Then, as i was flipping through the pages of the magazine, i came about their Stylista Search 2010 and what a surprise to find a friend of mine as one of the four finalist. with her sexy sheer trend,my dear friend Farah is all up in her style. knowing her,yes she is very daring to be all out in her unique style no wonder she was chosen as one of the finalist. and if you like her style do check out Cleo March 2011 issue and vote for her!

The four CLEO Stylista Search 2010 finalist. My friend Farah is the one standing.


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