Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Layout

Dear sweethearts...

To be honest i don't know much about blogging and all of its other miscellaneous but I'm working on it though,in my own slow way. yes,as you've noticed I've got a new layout for my blog,not that interesting but since my sister pointed out that my blog is boring and lifeless out of colors,i made the effort to search for layout with colors,and this is what I've got. i think its fine for now since I'm too lazy to look at each and every design. not too much rite? but the bad news is,I've spent my time 'for assignments' looking for this. bad rite? i should've put my study first but it happened,and surely i will replace my assignment time tonight and wake up tomorrow morning with 'mata bengkak'.haha.

Full of love,konon!


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