Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In my Own World

Hello dearies,
Since I'll be having a lot of free time this week and who knows until when, this week is just gonna be about me and me completing my assignments. yes,my assignments has been pending for quite some time so I've got to kick my lazy butt and work up on it.

Current progress on assignments:
BEL311 - Had just finished the outline and in process of writing up the draft for term paper. Topic-Benefits of Stone Therapy.
CTU263 - Topic-Kebaikan Pengurusan Penjagaan Harta-Islamic Point of View. Pending, coz haven't got the perfect outline yet. and don't seems to find the right book for source. but there's a lot of info's from the internet. but my lecturer wants us to refer from at least 5 different books. mane nak cari?
PAD190 - Haven't had the chance to pick on a topic,oh well due date is on the 3rd of April. there's plenty of time.
MAT112 - The never ending exercises.
ECO162 - Demand, supply, elasticity and market equilibrium is making me dizzy. haish.

To add things up,there a full basket of laundry needed to be lazy am i?

What did i do yesterday? well,i spent my whole day in MPH Midvalley looking for books and my finding were:
  • Rahsia Penyelamat Milik Harta by Abdullah Al-Qari Haji Salleh - to be referred for my CTU263 assignment.
  • Cinta yang Terpilih by Sri Diah - for mommy. She loves reading novels and has quite wide selections.
  • I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk - for me. to be read when I'm wrap up in my cozy duvet. hope it brings me back memories when i was in new york,how i miss it.
Poor Mr. Hilmi couldn't stand waiting for me for so long that he finally made he's way to La'Cucur Cafe and lepak there until I'm done. but i did warned him, it'll take me a while,sape suruh xnk dgr. then after that we thought we could go and catch a movies but the line was so loong,that i just said let's go home.


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