Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy for your thought

Hello dearies..
as I'm bored as hell living at home and i have nothing better to so i search my book rack, i found out from an old magazine on 5 things to 'Happy-fying Your Home'. so let's check it out:
1. Photo-therapy. turn a blank wall into a mural of memories by putting fun pictures of friend and family coz every time we look at it, we'll be transported back to the good times we had. my wall is mural of models coz i love fashion but my desk is full with photos of family,friends and boyfriend.
on the cute corner of my desk
 2. Fridge-therapy. how can we be happy when we open the fridge and there's only veggies and boring stuff. you always got to have chocolates,candies,ice cream,cupcakes in stock just in case you're feeling down or want to indulge on foods the we love.
my comfort food
 3. Aromatherapy. well,can i say your just one sniff away from happy if you apply scents like tangerines or grapefruits. i love using candles as it brings out the cosy ambience and my favourite scent is berries!
my lined-up berries scented candles
4. Plant-therapy. Greenery often makes a space feel friendlier. if your not much of a green like moi,you could always try sturdy plants that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and fairly resilient indoors.
i pick this plant from my ex-office so its free. just put it in a vase filled with water.
5. Entertainment-therapy. misery loves company,so when you're feeling down,turn off that sad show. filled it with movies,songs,books,magazine that would make you smile. my current obsession is The Big Bang Theory. i can't help myself,been watching it over and over again. it always cracks me up.
some of my source of entertainments.
so there you go, the five things you could do to bring a bit of color and smile into your life and home! and i have each one of it. note:all picture source are from me and revolve from my cosy, sweet bedroom.


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