Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good or Bad?

hello dearies..

I'm very anxious for tomorrow,will the result brings good news or bad? i have no idea,all i know is I've given my best shot and pray for a happy news,right now all i can do is tawakkal.hehe. as for today I've busy myself as not to think about tomorrow. from morning until 12pm,i had class. it took me around three hours to get back home as there's no direct public transport from Shah Alam to Putrajaya. i had to go to KL first in order to get a ride back home. then as i got back home,I've busy myself with my term paper and maths questions,in which now I'm taking a break to update this blog to you readers,and I've haven't showered yet,haha. so I'm gonna shower now as my sayang is coming and we're going out for dinner!

p/s: Doakan for the very best for me tomorrow! keeping my finger crossed! ^_^


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