Friday, February 11, 2011



off all things,i hate saying goodbyes. at first i thought i could surely leave without feeling emotional. leave just the i came but when you've been through a lot with the lovely people around you even in a short amount of time, you can never go just like that. Owh,how i hate this moment but in a good way though. i hate the sad part,but love the fact that my existence is much appreciated. what am i babbling about, well today is my last day at work. and my colleagues surprise me with a lot sort of stuff. thanks all darlings people. i will surely miss you all but we can always hang out. too many experiences and memories I've got from MAMPU and it surely wont be forgotten especially when i had lovely friends and colleague around me.

Memories with Love!
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p/s: i will miss my most comfortable secretary room!

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