Friday, February 18, 2011

Chaos Kitchen

Hello dears..

Well ,I've just remembered about last night when my hommies ask me to cooked 'megi goreng' for dinner but I was lazy to do so and i told her 'masak jelah,x susah pun'. And she answered me back by saying 'I don't know how to make 'megi goreng''. Aiyo this makcik,of all things she could cook,she doesn't know how to make friend instant noodle. But I made her do the cooking jugak(me,miss evil,hehe),the frying and the 'tumbuk-tumbuk bawang' since we don't have a blender,haha. But it was really kepoh in our kitchen,like we were living with/and cooking for ten when there were only the three of us. There was even the scene when me and N wanted to put 3 'cili api' and A was scared that the 'megi goreng' would be so spicy and she chose a very little,baby chili api. Yes,we 3 dara were like 10 mak dara in the kitchen yesterday. But even with the chaos, our fried instant noodle was damn delicious thanks to recipe 'campak-campak je' by A. Haha.

After tumis the onions and garlic, A added 'batang sayur'.
Then she added 3 eggs hence the lots!
Enter the 'megi'. makcik A added 'kicap' After this pic,she forgot to put before.
There, our decent 'megi goreng' which makcik A cays she does not know how to cook, but in malay i would call her 'malas'! haha.
Eating it with 'jeruk cili'. Homemade by makcik A. nyummy!
N made the kopi 'o' to go with the fried instant noodle. Yes,i was very full as all of us, A,N and me tamak nak makan banyak. haha.

p/s: next time I'll cook la for you guys!! ^_^
p/ss: A is not me but my other hommies!


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