Thursday, February 24, 2011

Always a Surprised!

hello dearies..
oh,i don't know why my broadband connection is so slow,just waiting for it to upload my mail took ages. so today sometime in the afternoon,i went to Burger King to have my 3-in-1 meal, that is breakfast+lunch+dinner,yes i haven't eaten anything since morning plus to use their free wi-fi service. after i ordered my chicken grilled,i sat in a corner and called my sayang to tell him where i was and that he was invited to join me when he's having his break. so apart from using the connection,i was also people watching and my,sometimes its funny how each and every one of us on this planet have different 'perangai'. haha.
after about an hour,my boyfriend finally came and what a lovely surprised,in his hand was a cute teddy bear holding a little heart. and for who else did he bought it for? me! it was not any occasion for gifts nor was it my birthday or our monthlysary or even our anniversary,it's just something he always does to keep our love life from being dull. no,I'm kidding,our love life is never dull.haha.
to my beloved sayang,i know you'll be reading this. despite,we've been together for 3 years, 4 months, 1  week and a day,still counting,yet,you continue to surprise me in your very own way. you know i never ask you anything else than your love and support but there you are,treating me like a princess. thank you so much for this past wonderful years and i always look forward to the years still to come, i love you!

p/s: since the internet connection is so slow,i cant upload my new mr. teddy.

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