Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup Look I Like!

Hello there,
As i was browsing through the internet,i came a bout a makeup look from a fashion show. and you know how some of the look they do on the runway does not work well on our everyday 'not-so-glamorous' look but this one kind of just made me fell in love since it wasn't so over the top, as i may say. it was from Catherine Malandrino Fashion Show and the look they went for was Purple Smokey Eyes.
Photo source:
And here's a little step to step guide on how we all can achieve this look:
Step 1: After evening out your skin tone with foundation and sweeping on a sheer pink blush, create a shadow base by scribbling a soft black pencil eyeliner on the back of your hand. Dab it on your lid from lashlines up to your creases using a fingertip.
Step 2: Line your top and bottom lashlines and inner rims (waterlines) with the same black pencil.
Step 3: Pat a shimmery purple shadow (try Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Purple Icon) over the black on top and bottom lids. Use a flat brush or your fingertip to apply.
Step 4: Finish the eyes by applying black mascara to top and bottom lashes.
Step 5: Complete your look by applying sheer pink lip gloss or balm.

Yes,i'll try it sometime soon!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Of futsal and all the little things..

Hello peeps,

So last night was spent playing futsal,nope i was not playing for a tournament,only to fill in some of the players who couldn't come for practice. but it was really fun,got my adrenalin rush running,since i haven't played in quite a long time. oh,how i wish i have my own team and we could at least play biweekly or the least once a month. is there anybody who wanna join me or if you want me to join your team,i could definitely play.haha. anyways,when i got home last night,my boyfriend drop by to give me the new March Cleo he just bought. so what's hot in this new issue of Cleo,well it comes with a little booklet on Beauty Journal,so there's guide for you on everything beauty stuff from skin care to applying makeup to great hair and there's even some guide for your man! Then, as i was flipping through the pages of the magazine, i came about their Stylista Search 2010 and what a surprise to find a friend of mine as one of the four finalist. with her sexy sheer trend,my dear friend Farah is all up in her style. knowing her,yes she is very daring to be all out in her unique style no wonder she was chosen as one of the finalist. and if you like her style do check out Cleo March 2011 issue and vote for her!

The four CLEO Stylista Search 2010 finalist. My friend Farah is the one standing.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Always a Surprised!

hello dearies..
oh,i don't know why my broadband connection is so slow,just waiting for it to upload my mail took ages. so today sometime in the afternoon,i went to Burger King to have my 3-in-1 meal, that is breakfast+lunch+dinner,yes i haven't eaten anything since morning plus to use their free wi-fi service. after i ordered my chicken grilled,i sat in a corner and called my sayang to tell him where i was and that he was invited to join me when he's having his break. so apart from using the connection,i was also people watching and my,sometimes its funny how each and every one of us on this planet have different 'perangai'. haha.
after about an hour,my boyfriend finally came and what a lovely surprised,in his hand was a cute teddy bear holding a little heart. and for who else did he bought it for? me! it was not any occasion for gifts nor was it my birthday or our monthlysary or even our anniversary,it's just something he always does to keep our love life from being dull. no,I'm kidding,our love life is never dull.haha.
to my beloved sayang,i know you'll be reading this. despite,we've been together for 3 years, 4 months, 1  week and a day,still counting,yet,you continue to surprise me in your very own way. you know i never ask you anything else than your love and support but there you are,treating me like a princess. thank you so much for this past wonderful years and i always look forward to the years still to come, i love you!

p/s: since the internet connection is so slow,i cant upload my new mr. teddy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy for your thought

Hello dearies..
as I'm bored as hell living at home and i have nothing better to so i search my book rack, i found out from an old magazine on 5 things to 'Happy-fying Your Home'. so let's check it out:
1. Photo-therapy. turn a blank wall into a mural of memories by putting fun pictures of friend and family coz every time we look at it, we'll be transported back to the good times we had. my wall is mural of models coz i love fashion but my desk is full with photos of family,friends and boyfriend.
on the cute corner of my desk
 2. Fridge-therapy. how can we be happy when we open the fridge and there's only veggies and boring stuff. you always got to have chocolates,candies,ice cream,cupcakes in stock just in case you're feeling down or want to indulge on foods the we love.
my comfort food
 3. Aromatherapy. well,can i say your just one sniff away from happy if you apply scents like tangerines or grapefruits. i love using candles as it brings out the cosy ambience and my favourite scent is berries!
my lined-up berries scented candles
4. Plant-therapy. Greenery often makes a space feel friendlier. if your not much of a green like moi,you could always try sturdy plants that doesn't require a lot of maintenance and fairly resilient indoors.
i pick this plant from my ex-office so its free. just put it in a vase filled with water.
5. Entertainment-therapy. misery loves company,so when you're feeling down,turn off that sad show. filled it with movies,songs,books,magazine that would make you smile. my current obsession is The Big Bang Theory. i can't help myself,been watching it over and over again. it always cracks me up.
some of my source of entertainments.
so there you go, the five things you could do to bring a bit of color and smile into your life and home! and i have each one of it. note:all picture source are from me and revolve from my cosy, sweet bedroom.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Slimmer lah..


Owh,living win my current situations with no jobs,bores me to death. it's weird though,on days when i was working,i always hope for the weekend to come by quickly or just sometimes every morning, i have this 'malasness' to wake up and rather wrap up in my cozy blanket wishing that it hasn't been morning yet. but now,it's only been a week with no work,I'd just wish that i can go back and work at my old office. hehe. well,I'm still on the waiting list  for the permanent post that I've applied for,and so I'm still waiting... who knows,insyallah akan ada rezeki for me.
with that said i don't just give up on other alternatives,i still send out resumes after resumes from that place to this place. i filled up form after form,either online or the real thing but still,nothing. but,i know if I'm patient enough,there's always a way or two which will work/open for me. haha. Amin.

So,last Saturday was my mummy's birthday! and my siblings and i celebrated it by getting her a cake from Secret Recipe. My dad made a special video for my mom,it was sweet and i got her a novel so she could read during time when she's alone. i live on my own now so my mom is mostly home alone,my youngest sister is still schooling so her days are most spent it school,my 3 younger brothers are usually at their uni/college and daddy is still in Pakistan,cian my mom. but hooray,daddy's coming home soon(for holiday only,not because he has finish with work),sometime end of this month. Can't wait,i miss my daddy very much!

Owh,I've started a jogging routine with my housemate,and so i hope i will be more healthy and slimmer! yes,I'm excited to slim down more when a friend of mine whom i bumped in when i was waiting for the bus at a bus stop at Alamanda said 'Ana nampak kurusla' *yes,I'm blushing*. hehe. Or maybe it's just that she haven't seen me in a while so that too can make it seem that i look slimmer when i actually don't but then when i told my boyfriend about it and being such a sweetheart that he is,he even said 'Yes dear,kamu memang kurus'. haha.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Chaos Kitchen

Hello dears..

Well ,I've just remembered about last night when my hommies ask me to cooked 'megi goreng' for dinner but I was lazy to do so and i told her 'masak jelah,x susah pun'. And she answered me back by saying 'I don't know how to make 'megi goreng''. Aiyo this makcik,of all things she could cook,she doesn't know how to make friend instant noodle. But I made her do the cooking jugak(me,miss evil,hehe),the frying and the 'tumbuk-tumbuk bawang' since we don't have a blender,haha. But it was really kepoh in our kitchen,like we were living with/and cooking for ten when there were only the three of us. There was even the scene when me and N wanted to put 3 'cili api' and A was scared that the 'megi goreng' would be so spicy and she chose a very little,baby chili api. Yes,we 3 dara were like 10 mak dara in the kitchen yesterday. But even with the chaos, our fried instant noodle was damn delicious thanks to recipe 'campak-campak je' by A. Haha.

After tumis the onions and garlic, A added 'batang sayur'.
Then she added 3 eggs hence the lots!
Enter the 'megi'. makcik A added 'kicap' After this pic,she forgot to put before.
There, our decent 'megi goreng' which makcik A cays she does not know how to cook, but in malay i would call her 'malas'! haha.
Eating it with 'jeruk cili'. Homemade by makcik A. nyummy!
N made the kopi 'o' to go with the fried instant noodle. Yes,i was very full as all of us, A,N and me tamak nak makan banyak. haha.

p/s: next time I'll cook la for you guys!! ^_^
p/ss: A is not me but my other hommies!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In my Own World

Hello dearies,
Since I'll be having a lot of free time this week and who knows until when, this week is just gonna be about me and me completing my assignments. yes,my assignments has been pending for quite some time so I've got to kick my lazy butt and work up on it.

Current progress on assignments:
BEL311 - Had just finished the outline and in process of writing up the draft for term paper. Topic-Benefits of Stone Therapy.
CTU263 - Topic-Kebaikan Pengurusan Penjagaan Harta-Islamic Point of View. Pending, coz haven't got the perfect outline yet. and don't seems to find the right book for source. but there's a lot of info's from the internet. but my lecturer wants us to refer from at least 5 different books. mane nak cari?
PAD190 - Haven't had the chance to pick on a topic,oh well due date is on the 3rd of April. there's plenty of time.
MAT112 - The never ending exercises.
ECO162 - Demand, supply, elasticity and market equilibrium is making me dizzy. haish.

To add things up,there a full basket of laundry needed to be lazy am i?

What did i do yesterday? well,i spent my whole day in MPH Midvalley looking for books and my finding were:
  • Rahsia Penyelamat Milik Harta by Abdullah Al-Qari Haji Salleh - to be referred for my CTU263 assignment.
  • Cinta yang Terpilih by Sri Diah - for mommy. She loves reading novels and has quite wide selections.
  • I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk - for me. to be read when I'm wrap up in my cozy duvet. hope it brings me back memories when i was in new york,how i miss it.
Poor Mr. Hilmi couldn't stand waiting for me for so long that he finally made he's way to La'Cucur Cafe and lepak there until I'm done. but i did warned him, it'll take me a while,sape suruh xnk dgr. then after that we thought we could go and catch a movies but the line was so loong,that i just said let's go home.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good or Bad?

hello dearies..

I'm very anxious for tomorrow,will the result brings good news or bad? i have no idea,all i know is I've given my best shot and pray for a happy news,right now all i can do is tawakkal.hehe. as for today I've busy myself as not to think about tomorrow. from morning until 12pm,i had class. it took me around three hours to get back home as there's no direct public transport from Shah Alam to Putrajaya. i had to go to KL first in order to get a ride back home. then as i got back home,I've busy myself with my term paper and maths questions,in which now I'm taking a break to update this blog to you readers,and I've haven't showered yet,haha. so I'm gonna shower now as my sayang is coming and we're going out for dinner!

p/s: Doakan for the very best for me tomorrow! keeping my finger crossed! ^_^


Friday, February 11, 2011



off all things,i hate saying goodbyes. at first i thought i could surely leave without feeling emotional. leave just the i came but when you've been through a lot with the lovely people around you even in a short amount of time, you can never go just like that. Owh,how i hate this moment but in a good way though. i hate the sad part,but love the fact that my existence is much appreciated. what am i babbling about, well today is my last day at work. and my colleagues surprise me with a lot sort of stuff. thanks all darlings people. i will surely miss you all but we can always hang out. too many experiences and memories I've got from MAMPU and it surely wont be forgotten especially when i had lovely friends and colleague around me.

Memories with Love!
Picture taken from:

p/s: i will miss my most comfortable secretary room!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes


As I'm anxiously waiting for the 14th of February,no not to celebrate valentine..dear,we express our love towards one another every single seconds of our life so there's no need to celebrate it,but for result on my interview..duhh. lambat gile delay dia,of course it makes me anxious. so bored waiting, shoes took my mind off from it. my favorite fashion store has got to be Forever 21 as it has all sorts of stuff from apparels, shoes, and accessories. even at times when I'm broke and don't even have a penny to spend,i would still pull my sayang to teman me window shop inside Forever 21 where the nearest would be in Sunway Pyramid. but sometimes my sayang is quite the busy man himself doesn't have time to teman me window shop and so i window shop from my monitor. the bliss..haha. my obsession will always be shoes,be it heels, wedges, flats, pump.
All shoes from Forever 21


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Layout

Dear sweethearts...

To be honest i don't know much about blogging and all of its other miscellaneous but I'm working on it though,in my own slow way. yes,as you've noticed I've got a new layout for my blog,not that interesting but since my sister pointed out that my blog is boring and lifeless out of colors,i made the effort to search for layout with colors,and this is what I've got. i think its fine for now since I'm too lazy to look at each and every design. not too much rite? but the bad news is,I've spent my time 'for assignments' looking for this. bad rite? i should've put my study first but it happened,and surely i will replace my assignment time tonight and wake up tomorrow morning with 'mata bengkak'.haha.

Full of love,konon!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Simple Skin Care

It's been long since my last update and I've been very lazy to even update on wishing all Chinese a happy new rabbit year,not! i was busy outlining my assignments so i wasn't in the mood to update my blog. but today i want to talk about skin care product: Simple. I'm not one of those girls out there with the perfect skin,and over the years I've been trying to find solutions on how to reduce my prone to acne skin. it's really frustrating since whatever i used,wear,eat makes it worse. but since i went to the clinic and I've been taking my antibiotics for almost 2 months now,my skin's problem with acne is becoming better. i mean,it's not perfectly clear and there's some scars left on my skin (I'll get to that later) and i still have of another 1 months and 3 days stock of antibiotic to finish up. when the doctor subscribe me to the meds,he said to used any other chemical on my face such as facial cleanser,moisturizer,toner or any other stuff equivalent to that matter. since mow i face have cleared up pretty well than before,i went out to search for a facial cleanser that is delicate for my face yet effective to reduce the oiliness from my face,not to mention cheap. why cheap stuff? because over the years I've been spending hundreds of ringgit of expensive skincare but they never work. so in order not to frustrated myself and  waste my money. so of all facial cleanser I've check, I've found the perfect fit for my skin : Simple. i only bought the Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash though as i want to try it out first rather buying the whole set. and for the past 5 days I've been using it,it wonderful. my skins feels fresh, supple and clean after every wash. my skin is even less oily. what's important is the price is affordable for such a great product. my next purchase from this range would be the Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub and Deep Cleansing Face Mask for a thorough facial routine and Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes at times when i need a quick refreshing cleaning,hehe.
Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash
Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub
Deep Cleansing Face Mask
Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes 
When your skin is happy and clear, you feel healthier and happier too!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True Friend

Hello dearies...
One of the key to happiness is friends but nowadays do we even realize the meaning of a true friend and do we act ourselves to being a good true friend that we can be,so here i want to share with all of you lovely readers on how to act like a true beloved friend,the very best that we can be:
  1. Be supportive when your friend has bad news. This is perhaps the most critical duty of a friend.
  2. Be supportive when your friend has good news. This is trickier; surprisingly, it’s sometimes harder to be supportive when someone gets a promotion, gets engaged, or enjoys other good fortune, than it is to be supportive when someone is going through a hard time.
  3. Don’t gossip. It’s not nice. Also, although it may be fun to gossip about Pat with Jean, Jean is probably going to feel wary of being your friend—you’re not trustworthy. Along the same lines…
  4. Keep a secret. One of the most satisfying aspects of friendship is that it allows two people to confide in each other. Spilling secrets will destroy that. Ah, it’s so delicious to disclose a secret—but you have to resist.
  5. Exchange favors. Along with the feeling of intimacy, one of the best parts of friendship is the feeling of support it provides. And while getting support is important, giving support may be even more important for boosting happiness.
  6. Don’t criticize a friend’s sweetheart or spouse—and, at the other extreme, don’t flirt with a friend’s sweetheart or spouse.
  7. Be kind to a friend’s children.
  8. Be friendly to a friend’s friends. In fact, in a phenomenon called “triadic closure,” people tend to befriend the friends of their friends – and this is very satisfying. Friendships thrive on inter-connection, and it’s both energizing and comforting to feel that you’re building not just friendships, but a social network.
  9. Show up. Sometimes a friend wants you to show up someplace when you’d really rather not: a wedding in Topeka; a surprise party that falls on New Year’s Eve, when you’d rather be doing something else. Recognize a command performance, and don’t miss it.
Bonus activities:
  1. Remember birthdays.
  2. Be nice to their pets.
  3. Help friend think big! Nothing is more encouraging than a friend throwing out some huge goal and saying, “You should do that!” “You should write a book, you should start your own firm, you should run for office, you should join the Council on Foreign Relations.” You never know, sometimes one encouraging comment can have extraordinary effect on someone’s life.
May we all be the true friend among our beloved friends. Like they say a friend in need is a friend indeed!