Monday, January 3, 2011

Study Mode

Hi sunshines..
Hope all my happy readers had a blast new year weekend and now we're back to business. Back to work i mean,hehe. so what's new in my life,nothing much except that new class for new semester is approaching as I'm preparing myself to be a student again,meaning no more 'main-main'. insyallah,i want to maintain my CGPA above 3.5 every semester,i know I'm not as bright but i know with effort i put in my study,i can always achieve it. So here are a few tips to study effectively(amalkan ye cik ana):

Study daily - Never ever skip days and study daily. Do whatever you feel like in the entire day but never lose the habit of studying daily.

Make attractive notes - Make small notes of all the chapters you’ve read and revise them regularly. Try to make them attractive by adding flow charts, diagrams and sketches which will help you revise quickly.

Revise regularly - After a period of time, everyone tends to forget what they’ve read earlier. Just to avoid all this, keep revising your notes once in a week.

Study in a calm and peaceful environment - Always study in a place which is isolated from any sort of external noise. And also try to study in one desired location only as you will get comfortable in the same position after a while and changing position needs time to settle.

Don't stress yourself too much - This one is vital and if you are stressing too much on things than what they really deserve, you are losing your concentration here. Be calm and study whenever you feel the best. Morning hours and evening hours are best for studying.

May the tips given helps us with our study. I'm currently downloading the soundtracks from the funny Korean drama He's Beautiful while updating my post but the internet connection at my office is so slow. (Slow la coz they got staffs like me downloading stuffs that has got nothing to do with work but who to blame when most superior officers pun buat jgk kan?)

Note to self: keeps my hands off my face anytime of the day. macam mane la muke nak baik if asyik picit2 je!


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