Friday, January 21, 2011


hello dearies...

I'm still in search for a good topic for my English term paper and Islamic management but currently my mind is blank from any topic to write about. Owh,work + study really does stress me out but I'm sure I'll make it through. haven't had my breakfast yet,and I'm hungry like beast but i cant eat a lot of things as my stomach has not been kind to me lately. whatever i put in my tummy,it will come out again. and my throat really hurts because of all of the vomiting. Erk! my menu for this couple of days, chocolate cream bun, koko crunch cereal with milk, baked potatoes, mushroom soup, lots of chocolates and biscuits. anything i eat other than i stated above,wont stay in my stomach for long..uhuk. but Mr. Sayang said 'sabar eh.. nanti when your stomach is okay again,kita makan yang sedap2 lagi ye' how sweet is my darling,don't be jealous..ahaks!


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