Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Secret to Looking Sexy in Photos

Dear beloved readers..

I would like to share with all of you on tips of how to look super hawt in photos since not all of us ordinary people are photogenic a.k.a moi. so the tips are:

Pay attention to the lighting.
When light hits you from above, it creates shadows on your face, particularly under the eyes. So whether you’re inside or outdoors, try to stand behind the sun or away from overhead lights. And tilt your chin up slightly to minimize any casts. 

Stand tall (and look thin).
You can totally trick the camera into making you appear taller and leaner (what belly pooch?). Here’s how: Stand up straight and turn slightly to the side so one shoulder is closer to the camera. Once you’ve hit this position, look toward the lens.

Ditch the double chin.
Beware of short cameramen. Seriously, if the lens is below your eye level, then you’ll gain an extra chin — not hot. The lens should be at your eye level or above. Finally, project your chin out an inch or so more than you normally would. 

Say "Cheese" (not "Cheesy").
Your smile should appear natural and relaxed, not cheerleader perky. As weird as it sounds, practice smiling in the mirror until you get one that you are comfortable and confident with. Aim for a grin that doesn't show as much gum or teeth as you would when you are laughing.

Make your mouth shiny and bright.
One of the best ways to make your face look more radiant is to boost your smile with an instant teeth whitener. Then, apply a sheer shiny gloss to give your lips a fuller, more kissable appearance.

Look glowy, not greasy.
The camera flash can amplify any shine you have on your face. Keep your complexion matte by applying a makeup primer.
Widen your eyes.
Guys are innately drawn to big eyes. To make yours look larger, blend darker shadow colors in the crease and lighter, shimmery ones on the brow bone. It also helps to curl your lashes and swipe on an extra coat of mascara. 

so there,may we all look all sexy and hawt in photos next time!


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