Monday, January 24, 2011

Quite the Busy Lady

Morning lovelies..

I haven't update quite awhile,and I'm currently squeezing some time to update on a post. Well,what is there to write about? Owh,I'm searching for a good topic to write on my term paper but this few days,I'm blank from ideas. I'm guessing this semester I'd be quite busy as almost every week I've got class plus work,it's just driving me nuts. but always in a good way. trying to take all the positive vibes i could get.hehe. Anyways,if any of you lovely readers who reads my post,do post any topic that you think i could write about and would wow my lecturer with an 'A' for such tremendously amazing topic. for the time being I'm stuck with 'Benefits of Hot stone Massage/Therapy'. And then,there's also topic i need to write for my Islamic Management which i haven't decide on what to write yet. Dear god,please organize this small creature of Yours,she freaking out. so much to do,so many to impress,so little time.


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