Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mind Boggling

Hello peeps!
i don't know how to start off telling u guys on how i feel today. it totally blew me off towards the whole day. I'm just gonna let it out here once and for all,it's not easy being personal assistant to 3 people in the same time. i think I've always done my job well enough but being human,I'm never perfect so is other peoples mouth. seriously,anyone can talk the talk but can they walk the walk like how my friend and i do every single day not to mention with the same wage that other personal assistant with a single boss gets? well,i dare anyone of you readers to do it and still keep your sanity at the same time. if you can manage,bravo,I'll salute you. all for all,i know my friend and i have done a very wonderful job taken care of our bosses walaupun sometimes we 'terkedek-kedek pegi setiap bilik bos' and I'm proud of myself which i don't think any other people would want to do. as for this new year,my high hopes for new doors to open as i would love to challenge myself to other adventures.


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