Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have Known Love

Morning dearies..
So yesterday after i left work,me and Mr. Beloved went to Sunway Pyramid to watch Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock in his latest movie Faster. Of 5 star, i rated it at 3.5 star. well,it wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. the movie is about Driver who seeks revenge on his brother's death. the part which i don't like when i watch it in TGV@Sunway Pyramid was the cinema suddenly blackout twice during the movie. you payed the tickets full price but you get this typed of service,mengecewakan. what else,i forget to bring along my student id,so no discount for me. but I'll keep in mind next time,to keep it in my bag at all time. Not just for class,Cheapskate! haha.
then after the movie, i know my beloved sayang would beg me to 'teman' him to the arcade. Him and the games,can never be separated. but i said i would 'teman' him to the arcade if he let window shop at Forever 21. window shop je pown,didn't buy anything but he's always determine to say i would be lost in thought and buy thing out of an impulse...pshh,yes i know i can get crazy when i see all those lovely stuff in there, clothes,dresses,heels,accessories but during the 'kering' time i know i can control myself.

p/s: There was this pretty boot-heeled that i loved from forever 21 but i dont know where to wear it to. 
p/ss: Started to like boots since i saw my cousin wearing it in Japan but of course dia kena la pakai kat Jepun kan,if i wear it here,mmg kena jgk..kena gelak...haha.


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