Friday, January 7, 2011


Hello dearies..
My class is approaching soon am I'm so excited to go to my first class this semester. My hopes is that my grades will be better this semester than the last. so what has it been for me this few days. First of all,now I'm at work and updating my blog,hehe. Yesterday after work my boyfriend pick me up and we drove all the way to Shah Alam to pick up my text books for class this Sunday,then as both of us were hungry,we decided to eat after picking up the books but my sayang didn't want to eat in Shah Alam area as he's afraid we'd be caught in traffic since people will be coming home from work soon,so he drove out of Shah Alam and went straight to Sunway Pyramid. There it was decided that we have our lunch+dinner at Pizza Hut. After we ate, i wanted to stroll along window-shopping on the latest stuff the mall has but my sayang didn't agree on that and said i would waste money on stuff that i thing i might want but don't actually need it. then there were some 'merajukness' on my part but i still followed him to the arcade and let him have his car raced,see I'm not that mean,i still let him have his 'car race game addiction' even though I'm mad inside. but once he finished,he said let's go to forever 21 and see if there's anything we could shop for. of course i smiled a wide smile and got myself a fluffy home slipper,comel sangat. Since after that he got other stuff to do,we went straight home. i didn't mind we came home early as i wanted to watch my beloved Korean drama 'He's Beautiful'. 


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