Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't you ever Wish

Morning dearies..

I've started my classes already and this semester,i took microeconomics but even for the first class,I'm already pening or should i say 'demam with demands'.haha. But i'll try my best to try harder and concentrate more especially on my own. I've already promise my self to study smarter. so yesterday i went to mph Midvalley to get my additional 'economics' book. my lecturer said the book would be handy to me even when i take up macroeconomic next semester. kind of like '2 in 1'. last nite,before bed,i studied a little bit until i didn't what time and i felt asleep. seriously,everyone I'd ask would say every time they open up academic books, it's kind of like swallowing sleeping pills. owh,currently I'm anxious waiting for the end of the month,no not for the gaji but whether i would get a permanent post in the government which i really hope i would get (amin) or else i would be heartbroken. 

p/s: my lovely readers,pray for me jugak tau!



  1. eyh? already started ur clas??
    amek micro? bkn sem ni patutnye tade ke?

  2. kita amek extra subject. sem 3 + sem 4.. but sem 4,amek micro je..