Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clinic Time

Hello dearies..
just got back from the clinic to check up on my face again. the doctor said my face is getting better but said to continue on using the medication given to completely banish the bacteria that my caused acne,so i wasn't given antibiotics for two months stock and facial cleanser plus benzyol peroxide gel to put on any further breakout. but when i got to the pharmacy area,they said the medication were out of stock and ask me to come back on Monday. menyusahkan betul. the only reason i went to the clinic today was because i don't want to miss or come to work late. but what could i do though,ambik jelah on Monday rite? so anyway,class will resume tomorrow and i gonna read the first chapter of Microeconomics. Damn the book is so thick. but i know I'm smart..haha*wink*!


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