Friday, December 3, 2010

You know you love me

Oh, it's mid morning and i still haven't had my breakfast yet. there's a few things i need to finished up before this week ends but I'm totally not in the mood. More of in the mood to watch Gossip Girl which i haven't since the last 2 episodes. But to cheer me up, there always the blog so since I'm a big fan of the show and i don't actually have a lot to say, I'll post the latest drama of the GG clans. Enjoy peeps!
"Oh, Thanksgiving.  There were a lot of things to be thankful for this year.  Though there were also some things to be not so thankful for.  But as for me?  I’m eternally grateful for the drama that was whipped up during this year’s festivities.  No one celebrates this holiday quite like our favorites on the UES.
Serena had been MIA after the Saints and Sinners party.  Blair assumed her BFF was hiding out at her family’s apartment.  I mean after the stunt she pulled outing Blair and Chuck and trying to steal the foundation away from her, it was no wonder Serena was ignoring her friend.  And Blair was relieved.  She didn’t want to deal with the sinning Serena.   She had more important things to focus on.  Like her Thanksgiving trip to Paris to visit her father and Roman.  Perhaps getting out of the country was just what Blair needed after everything that went down.
Though little did Blair know that while she thought Serena was at the van der Woodsen’s, Lily had assumed her daughter was holing up at the Waldorf’s.  Surely, after dropping out of Columbia Serena was not ready to come face to face with her mother.  How very Serena of her.  But then Blair and Lily discovered the truth: Serena wasn’t with either of them!  And that’s when they got alarmed.  For good reason, too!  Because Serena was actually passed out in some seedy motel in Queens.  She awoke totally out of it and dialed 911.  OMFG!  What the hell had happened to our S?
Luckily Serena was able to get to the hospital in time.  She was going to be okay.  Phew!  But that didn’t mean her family wasn’t worried about her.  The doctor told Lily and Rufus that Serena had taken pills galore: pain, sleeping and anti depressants.  Whaaaat?  They were shocked.  Why would Serena do this?  Was she actually depressed?  Was she trying to hurt herself?  This was scary!  It didn’t get much better when the press got a hold of the story.  Socialite Serena van der Woodsen overdosed!  Now that’s news.  So Lily made an important decision on behalf of her daughter.  Serena was going to rehab at the Ostroff Center.  Whoa!
But Serena pleaded with everyone.  She knew it didn’t make much sense and she still couldn’t remember anything but this wasn’t her fault.  Serena wasn’t an addict or anything like that.  And there was no way she was going to rehab for something she didn’t do.  Fortunately, Dan hearts-in-his-eyes Humphrey agreed with her.  In fact, Dan agreed so much with S that he even helped her escape from the Ostroff Center (mind you, this was all after Serena told him she wanted to be with him and only him).  Crazy!  Looked like these two were going to run away.  Ahh!  They went to the Humphreys to get some supplies and then they would be off.  The world was their oyster.  But before they could leave Lily and Blair showed up at the loft.  Serena and Dan weren’t going anywhere so fast.   Ack.
All the while, Jenny and Vanessa were freaking out about what happened to Serena.  It was obvious that what they did at the Saints and Sinners party drove S to take all those drugs.  This was bad.  Really bad.  Jenny and Vanessa both wanted to come clean but Juliet warned them not to.  Serena did this to herself.  She was the only one to blame.  But Vanessa knew she still had to do something to protect herself.  So she went to Rufus and told him everything.  Well, everything being that Jenny was the one who had done this all.  Traitor!  Vanessa figured since Jenny was family they’d be able to forgive her.  But if they knew the whole truth, Vanessa would be hated forever.   Bitches turning on bitches, amazing!
Juliet was ecstatic about ruining Serena.  Her plan had worked and now it was time to bask in the glory.  Juliet’s brother Ben was happy with the news that Serena had dropped out of Columbia.  Good work, Juliet!  But when J told him about the drugging incident, he was surprised.  That’s a bit over the top, isn’t it?  Juliet told him she had to do it.  She’d lost everything to take down Serena!  Though Juliet had already found a new benefactor to replace Colin: Lily!  Yep, seemed like Lily and Juliet had made a deal.  One check each month would keep Juliet’s mouth closed and Serena’s skeletons stored away in the closet.  Hello, blackmail city.
Meanwhile, Nate was in for a shock when he learned his mother was divorcing his father.  Talk about coming out of nowhere!  Why was Anne Archibald doing this now?  Why had she not done this earlier when the Captain was actually a bad guy?  Because now it seemed like he was on the straight and narrow.  Jail had taught him some things and Nate’s dad appeared to be a changed man.  Nate begged his mom to give his dad another chance.  Or at least visit him in prison and see how different he was.  Eventually Anne paid a visit and she was pleasantly surprised to see the Captain.  Perhaps they could make the marriage work after all.  Woo hoo for the Archibalds!  Though Nate was taken aback when he discovered that his dad might have another reason for wanting to reconnect.  Turns out his parole hearing’s coming up!   Was this all just an act?  Was the Captain acting like a good guy for the sake of trying to be released early?  Hmm…
Back in the Serena of it all, she was trying to prove to her family and friends that this had all been a big misunderstanding.  But then I came out with a blast.  That included a picture of Serena doing blow at the Saints and Sinners party.  There was no way to deny it.  Serena obviously was the girl in the picture.  S was stunned.  Perhaps since she couldn’t even remember doing drugs, things really were that bad.  So Serena finally took the first step and admitted she needed help.  It was time to go back to Ostroff.  But before Serena checked back in, she thanked Dan for always believing in her.  And then she kissed him.  OMFG!
Jenny needed to clear her name.  Rufus was beyond furious with her after talking with Vanessa and she couldn’t live with taking the blame for everyone.  But when she went over to Juliet’s to confront her, she was surprised to find an empty apartment.  That bitch skipped town?!  But what was still there was the mask from Saints and Sinners.  Evidence!  So Jenny went to Blair’s with proof of Juliet’s evil doing.  I know, I know, Blair and Jenny in the same room = explosions.  But this time it was civil.  Jenny told Blair everything.  That it was Juliet in my blast and that she, Juliet and Vanessa had conspired to take down Serena.  Blair was intrigued.  Maybe the two of them could team up to take this crazy Juliet down.  But Jenny said she couldn’t.  She shouldn’t be in NYC.  It brought out the worst in her.  Jenny was going back to Hudson.
But Blair wasn’t going to get revenge on Juliet alone.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t turn to Chuck.  They had decided after the Saints and Sinners party to just be friends and not be romantically involved.  Though with Serena in turmoil, they were spending a lot of time together.  And close time.  But Chuck assured her this was only for Serena.  Ugh.  Anyway, since Blair wasn’t able to enlist Chuck’s help (we all know how much take downs bring out their weakness for one another), Blair sought the assistance of one of the most unlikely of people.  And I bet you can’t guess who.  It’s pretty bonkers.  Okay, here it goes.  Blair went all the way to Brooklyn to ask for Lonely Boy’s aid in taking down Juliet!  Beyond.  They both love and care for Serena.  They needed to do this for their best friend/ex-lover/step-sister/whatever Dan&Serena are now.  Um, yes please!
OMG Blair and Dan teaming up for a take down?  Cannot freaking wait.  We all know this is Blair’s specialty.  Let’s just hope Dan’s time on the UES has taught him a thing or two.  He’s exhibited some fine manipulative moves over the years but that was the minor leagues.  It’s time for Dan to gear up and join the majors.  Play ball.  Xoxo Gossip Girl."
*taken from the official GG blog.


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