Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter in the office

Hello sunshines!
Well,it is not snowing but it's damn freakin' freezing here in the office. Sometimes i wish i could just showed up in a winter gear complete fluffy wool coat,knee high winter Uggs and earmuff with a wool hat sans the puzzled,weird looked from the other officers, hehe. I wish!
Boleh x pakai mcm ni p opis?
 Anyways, last night i went out to 'lepak' with my beloved boyfriend at Presint 2,in front of Palace of Justice. It's just one of the normal night though, nothing special pun to other couples but to me, any moment or moments i'm with him, i feel happy and special in my own ways. At least we break off the usual 'lepak mamak sudeh', haha. We talked and talked and talked about life,future,and everything else that fall in between including 'mengumpat'. JK!
My 'wall project' on on days I'm bored!
Just now i open my FB page and a sweet friend of mine tagged me a photo of this cute lil bag and I'm still in between of either getting it or not. But it is a 75% possible 'get it' coz i don't think i would want to see it on some other girl's arm. And if you guys are interested, do drop by her page RawRaw Shop II. there so many bags to choose. Enjoy the rest of the day dearies!


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