Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunburned face

Morning sunshines!

what a weekend but now it time for work. well,despite my post title,yes i got a sunburned face but no i didn't go to the beach or played in the sun of what so ever that you can get sunburned from. But i got this sunburn from applying the acne gel that the doctor gave me. they say it's normal that the face becomes red, a bit burning and itches as the gel takes effect but seriously the burning hurt and my face had become so dry and tight that it is even difficult for me to talk,eat or even laugh like i always do. Worst,i face has become so red that its redder than the color red of a tomato. sometime it just made me wanna cry. the doctor say to try it for a month but it hasn't been a week yet, and I'm starting to feel the pain.

But nevertheless,i have faith in me and the doctor and god,and i hope my face will become better again. saya pun nak cantik macam orang lain juga! <3!


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  1. k.ana..moga cepat2 sembuh ya..pasni jgn ikut suka je pakai produk..jgn main campur je..guna la safi balqis plk..cuba try..bila da ok pasni.beli y satu set safi..malam pakai krim,utk siang pakai je pelembab..hope2 bila akk pakai 6ti muka jadi putih n gebu..hehe